'Barbie Feet' Is the Latest Body Trend Sweeping Instagram

We have watched so many body trends sweep across Instagram over the years and gain popularity. Things like thigh gaps (showing off the gap in between your thighs that's supposed to show how thin you are) and even thighbrows (accentuating that fold where your upper thigh hits your butt...we know...weird) have taken center stage as women hashtag their photos to show how they're able to jump on the bandwagon and we're here today to break the latest trend to you: Barbie feet. Yes, this is a thing and yes - you better get used to seeing it in your feed.

If you take a second to do a quick Instagram search using the hashtag #BarbieFeet, you are bound to see many, many photos pop up. The trend was essentially started by the loads and loads of social media influencers and celebrities who position their feet in the same way in photos, basically pointing them out and down like Barbie’s permanently-molded high-heel feet. You know, as if they were wearing her sky-high heels, but not actually.

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Who What Wear UK shared that the trend is growing because the pose makes your legs look longer and slimmer. It is basically the art of acting "like you're wearing an invisible pair of high heels, even though there's nothing but air under your arches." We get it, but one can only hold that pose for so long.

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High heels have been around for what seems forever and it really does boil down to the one thing that they offer: their sky high appearance makes whoever is wearing them look and feel slimmer. That's it. It's not like they are comfortable or anything. There is no denying that this photogenic trick works though and can even be done lying or sitting down like we've seen some pro models do. (Ahem, Kendall Jenner)


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Overall, though, it's important that we celebrate our bodies without seeking perfection because eventually, it will catch up with your mental health.

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