Balloon-Wiping Teacher Goes Viral In Video Teaching Critical Bathroom-Wiping Skills

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Good hygiene practices are something that we see taught in a lot of preschools and kindergarten classrooms. After all, children are basically walking germs so helping to reinforce the rules they've learned at home like sneezing into their sleeve, washing their hands after using the bathroom and other general good hygiene practices is pretty commonplace. Schools tend to leave teaching bathroom skills to the parents but a new video of a teacher using balloons to help reinforce a very important skill has gone viral!

Toilet training a child is a huge milestone for parents, but it sometimes takes a few years for kids to really be able to use the bathroom solo. Parents do all they can to teach their children how to wipe properly and to thoroughly wash their hands after using the bathroom so that once they send their children to preschool and kindergarten they're mostly self-sufficient. One teacher decided to take matters into her own hands and cleverly use two balloons taped together to show kids the proper way to wipe in the bathroom in a video that has garnered mixed reactions.

While no one is quite sure where the video came from, it appears to be taken in a non-American school and shows a teacher sitting ahead of a group of completely captivated students as she illustrates the proper wiping technique. She has two balloons taped together behind her chair and she carefully holds up the toilet paper to show the children how they should fold it. She then shows them how to wipe carefully from front to back before showing them once again how to fold the paper.

Of course, there have been mixed reactions to the video with some people outraged that this very personal hygiene skill is being taught in school, feeling that it's the responsibility of parents while others thought that it was brilliant. Teachers often reinforce skills that are taught at home, and many thought that all children would benefit from a lesson like this.

One former preschool teacher couldn't help but praise the video writing, "this is actually dope. It’s funny but creative and look how attentive they are. They look like they’re in preschool and from teaching preschoolers they had to pack extra underwear because of not being properly potty trained and knowing how to wipe. Kudos to the teacher," she wrote.

For the most part, people thought this video was not only pretty fun but pretty informative and that lots of younger children would benefit from the simple lesson this teacher is giving.

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