This Influencer Is Selling Anti-Aging Boob Masks

If you sometimes feel a little too old or out of touch to connect with all the beauty influencers on social media these days, you haven’t been following Baddie Winkle. Sure, lots of beauty influencers often seem to target the teen or early 20's demographic, but Baddie Winkle, the 90-year-old beauty influencer who rose to fame at the age of 85 is making products for everyone, and one in particular that every mom is going to want to stock up on.

Winkle recently launched her own capsule collection in collaboration with INC.redible Cosmetics that are available exclusively at Sephora. Her product line is all affordably priced, ranging from a $10 rollerball lipgloss to an $18 highlighter palette, but perhaps the most exciting product from her line focuses less on the face and more on another body part that women often neglect.

For just $9 you can purchase a sheet mask made specifically for the girls. Sheet masks are all the rage right now, and women of all ages are enjoying the hydrating and tightening effects they are having on faces, so it only makes sense that Winkle would create one for breasts! Winkle’s "Double Perks" rainbow sheet boob mask for just $9 meant to firm, brighten and moisturize the girls because we all know that they’re often neglected during regular skincare regimens.

The sheet masks contain vitamin C meant to visibly firm and brighten your boobs all while providing much-needed moisturizer to them as well. And not only are the masks parabens free, but they’re also vegan and cruelty-free.

The masks currently have a 4.1 out of 5-star rating on Sephora’s review site, with many who bought the product raving about how amazing they are.

“They were super cute and fun and my boobs felt pampered. I love them. Had no issues with them falling off fit the upper boob great and I feel like they made them look smoother when I wore a bikini later that day. Anyway, gonna buy more!” wrote one reviewer. “I bought this mask on a whim just to try it out, because I mean, who makes a boob mask?? And I must say, I'm quite impressed! They were cute and worked really well!” added another. One reviewer did like them but warned ladies who were more well endowed that they may not fit perfectly. “This is an interesting concept, the mask itself does a good job of hydrating however if you are more well endowed these are not going to cover very much,” the reviewer wrote.

Women spend so much time focusing on their faces when it comes to beauty treatments its nice to see someone give the girls a little attention! You can buy your own Double Perks mask only at Sephora.

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