Babysitter Says Mom Told Her To 'Be Grateful' For $8 An Hour To Watch Three Kids

Everyone remembers that back in the day, making even $10/hour for babysitting was like winning the lottery, no matter how many kids you were watching. Parents today love to talk about this because it seems like now babysitters are making a small fortune for watching one kid, let alone multiple.

In the end, most parents agree that really good babysitters are worth the money. If you can get out of the house and feel confident that their kiddos are safe and in good hands then it's worth paying a little extra to avoid someone who charges less but leaves everyone feeling uneasy. One parent apparently is in the minority here, because they believe offering a sitter $8 an hour to watch three kids is not only reasonable but generous.

In a Reddit thread, a user shared screenshots of texts between a parent and a potential babysitter. The sitter had posted an ad that the parent was responding to and seemed desperate because they needed a sitter that night for their three kids (all of which were under four years old and still in diapers). The babysitter was extremely kind and admitted it was short notice but that they'd be able to swing it, and even agreed to help the parents out by working on potty training.

Here's where it gets really good.

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The parent said they needed the sitter to be at their home by 6 pm or by 7 at the very latest and that they needed care for the kids until midnight or possibly later. Then, they asked the babysitter their rates. The babysitter said they'd be willing to watch the three kids for $15 an hour for the evening. This apparently baffled the parent because they said there was "no way" they'd be willing to pay $15 an hour.

The parents went on to point out that they had never paid a sitter more than $8 an hour for a night of babysitting. In an effort to negotiate they offered the sitter $60 maximum for the whole night, even though they were unclear how long they would be out for. The parent went even further and pointed out that when they were younger, they used to get $10 for a night of babysitting, and told this potential caregiver to "be grateful".

The smart sitter said there was no way they'd settle for less than $15 an hour. When the parent pointed out that the babysitter would "barely have to do anything" because the kids would be sleeping most of the time, the sitter was quick to remind the parent that the kids aren't even potty trained, so it was no cake-walk job. Finally, the sitter put an end to the conversation by declining the offer and wishing the parent good luck in their search for a sitter that will accept $8 an hour and said "maybe you can sucker a poor teenager to babysit". Which is basically the equivalent of a babysitter mic drop.

Let this conversation serve as a PSA, times have changed and if you want to hire a quality caregiver for your child, you better expect to pay more than you made for the same job when you were young.

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