Mom Posts Babysitter Wanted Ad With Hilarious, Unrealistic Expectations

Looking for the perfect babysitter can be a near impossible feat. We all want someone with the tenacity of Mary Poppins that our kids aren't able to break in the first week, but most of us are prepared to offer a decent wage. As with any job, the more responsibilities you have, the more you should get paid...unfortunately, one mom didn't get the memo. In a now viral Facebook post, one anonymous woman announced that she was looking for a babysitter, but not just any kind of babysitter. A highly qualified, non-tattooed Trump supporter.

"Looking for a babysitter in the area," reads the ad. Among the list of requirements, were a bachelors degree in childcare or nine years of relevant babysitting experience, three good references with phone numbers, full-time availability including weekends, a clean driving license and own car. If that wasn't enough, the babysitter should also speak a second language and double as a teacher so the kids could learn it too. The list went on to include 14 points in total, with the ideal candidate willing to pay for snacks, okay with dogs and love the current POTUS. In return, the mother wanted to pay $10 "under the table" cash so the hopeful wouldn't have to pay tax.


babysitter requirements
Credit: Reddit / protoss12345

Hilariously, the advertiser speaks about the candidate having a clean criminal record but doesn't seem to mind too much if they're willing to commit tax fraud. The post was initially shared on Reddit, where users flocked to leave their comments. Bewildered users spoke of their shock at the low wage, as well as the audacity of the potential employer to ask so much of a babysitter for so little in return.

Unqualified babysitters in the US are still required to be paid $7.25 an hour, the minimum daily wage, but degree-certified childcare practitioners should expect to get a few dollars more - dependent on the requirements. The average wage for a qualified nanny is $15.29, but most self-employed workers have the ability to negotiate.

The jury's still out on whether anyone got the job.

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