This Baby's First Word Was 'Google,' And The Video Is Hilarious

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While a lot of babies usually say "mama" or "dada" as their first word, this baby had another one in mind. Apparently, this tot has been paying a lot of attention to her parents each and every time they asked their Google Assistant to play a song, find out what the daily horoscope and weather is, or find an answer to their question. As a result, the baby’s first word turned out to be something that left her parents stunned.

Proud parent Clio Chiang revealed that her daughter’s first word just happened to be the world’s most widely used Internet search engine: Google! The proud Canadian mother shared a video of his daughter saying the word "Google" for the very first time on her Twitter account.

The moment happened while Chiang’s husband, Joe Pitt, shared a sweet moment with his daughter that was caught on their Nest video monitor. Chiang explained that she usually requests her Google Assistant to play a song by starting off with “Hey Google.” Both mom and dad have said the word "Google" so many times that their adorable tot caught on to it.

The Nest video monitor shows Pitt getting his daughter ready for bed in the evening. After putting the baby’s pacifier in her crib, they started to dance. After he said “Hey Google” the little girl responded by saying “Google” herself. The stunned father called out to his wife to share the exciting news.

Chiang posted the clip on her Twitter account and captioned it with, “Welp, my baby’s first word is Google.” The video has since been retweeted about 12,000 times with 3,000 comments about counting.

A lot of Twitter users commented on the photo suggesting that Google should either pay for their child’s college fund or feature the little girl in a commercial! Other people pointed out that they should get a full year of Nest services for free.

A representative of Google did reach out to the family after their tweet. Marvin Chow, VP of Product Marketing at Google, tweeted to Chiang offering to send a gift to the family.

The little girl’s parents responded to all of the internet commentary by thanking them for the attention, but suggesting that they should donate to children who are “not obsessed with getting Google to play Baby Shark.” Chiang added a link to unicefusa.org in a follow up tweet.

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