10 Baby Trends That May Not Be The Safest

Nearly every year, baby "rules" seem to change. Whether it's a trend that was common when we were young or a new set of suggestions for parenting in 2019, there's always something to criticize. Considering we're all just trying to figure it out along the way, there will be moments where we just have to go with our gut, especially as parents.

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With that said, there are a few things that may not feel right in your belly when advised on certain products to use or techniques to try with your babies in 2019. We have listed 10 very popular ones that you may not believe to be best for a number of reasons. Read below as you may already feel these trends aren't safe.

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Amber Teething Necklaces are a huge fad right now. Many people believe that the oils that come off the amber will assist in the baby's teething pain. However, some don't realize how big of a choking hazard these necklaces can be. Some brands promise an easy snap-off feature to ensure it will come apart if pulled.

And, though it's important to remember to remove at naptime and bedtime, these necklaces can still easily be caught in the baby's day-to-day activities. If you decide to try these necklaces out, always ensure they're being worn around parental supervision. They're also not scientifically proved to work. So, take the information with a grain of salt.


Frozen teethers can be a great way to numb your little one's gums from teething pain. Most parents give their babies teethers with frozen jell inside, only to worry if it pops from their sharp, little teeth. However, this is not our concern here with these objects.

Frozen teethers may actually cause frostbite on your little one's very sensitive gums. Perhaps if you choose to freeze them, leave the teether out for a few minutes to melt a bit before the little one goes at it.


Crib bumpers come in many different colors and patterns. They are sold by online retailers, trendy brick and mortars, and can be found on every registry you are invited to shop on. The rules of these bumpers change quite frequently, too. Though the parent knows their babies best, these bumpers can be suffocating hazards.

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Of course, we must do what we can to protect our child; perhaps your baby is notorious for getting their limbs stuck in the crib's bars. But there are options. Some bumpers are mesh, which is the best option, though your baby may be able to remove the ties and get tangled up in the bumper itself. Use your judgment, but remember they may not be the "safest" option.


Baby led-weaning has taken a major focus on. While introducing solids to your little ones, many people are no longer blending foods and believe their baby's gums are strong enough to chomp down on large pieces of whole foods. There are many statistics and scientific facts that back this practice up.

However, many parents are not comfortable with feeding their babies certain things whole like grapes, blueberries, and meat pieces. Yes, their gag reflex is quite stronger than adults. But it's important to go with your gut on this one. It may be too dangerous for your child. We suggest you continue to do your research and speak with your doctor.


This is a very popular, Montessori-style habit that many parents try and practice at an early age. It's a practice and hands-on approach to skip the sippy-cup right from the start. By drinking from the glass, they learn from their mistakes. If the child drops the glass, they know it will break. That way they learn how to be more careful with their items faster.

This is the belief; however, it may not be the safest decision to give your small child a glass. If it shatters, this could lead to more damage than good. Use your discretion, though using breakable items at a very young age may not be the safest choice.


Again, this rule changes quite frequently. There are many studies out there that show exposure to allergens is better than avoiding. Sometimes, the body will not provide the immunity to produce the enzymes that disable us from having an allergic reaction without exposure. Exposure Therapy is actually a quite common practice in a lot of hospitals; however, some parents do choose to wait until the age of 1 to introduce peanuts, eggs, shellfish, and more in case of a reaction.

Talk to your doctor for more advice before you make any assumptions on this very popular trend. And, if you decide to feed your kid strawberries before the age of 9 months, don't let your grandparents shame you. You're just listening to what everyone's doing nowadays. Don't forget: it changes every year. So go with your gut and do your research.


Sadly, there is a rise in the trend of pregnancy drinks and supplements, especially over social media. Without targeting a specific brand, one promises a smaller stomach while pregnant.

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This can be a very damaging statement, one that will shame women into believing their size while pregnant is unflattering or unsatisfactory. Please be advised that any supplement or drink that may be pushed on you without medical professional guidance is not safe. We highly suggest speaking with your doctor and/or midwife before taking anything of this nature while pregnant.


Not that this tactic isn't "safe," but it may not be the "best" route to go. Every family dynamic is unique and there has been a major parenting trend to not be negative while you parent. Parenting is incredibly difficult; it can be even more hard to avoid the use of the word "no." And, if you choose to go this route, you may actually cause more harm than good.

The word "no" may be used when they're older in the workplace or in a personal relationship. It may cause them more shock than good. Depending on the extremity that you avoid using this term, it could lead your child to potential mental health issues. So, be aware of balance, especially when it comes to your parenting techniques.


From different colors to different patterns, brands are exploding just from the production of bassinet pillows. They are meant to form around the child's body to ensure they are unable to roll. Even at a young age, when you begin practicing their "tummy time," babies begin to build strength quite young and quite quickly.

This is where most parents' concern lies. Every parent wants to keep their babies happy and safe. But some do not realize that having a pillow so close to their infant's face may be a suffocation hazard. Just as pillows and blankets are highly suggested to stay away from cribs for children under 2, these products should also be watched closely.


Free Births are births that are usually done at home with no medical supervision. Of course, we've been doing this for years. Giving birth with the help of a loved one was quite common; however, keep in mind how many births have complications that may not be expected.

Yes, home births can be quite beautiful. But it may be important to hire a Doula or a midwife if you want to go this route. You never know which way a birth will go, and often your Birth Plan does not go as planned. That's okay. Keep an open mind, but just remember that a Free Birth may not be the safest trend to follow.

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