Mom Gives Husband A Fake Shopping List To Get Him Off The Couch

This is something that a lot of partners can relate to, regardless if they are male or female. One woman decided that it would be a good idea to give her husband a “fake shopping list” in order to help encourage him to help her more. This was because she was tired of him not only refusing to help with the day-to-day chores, but also seeing him do nothing while on the couch each day.

A popular mommy blogger by the name of Karen Alpert, who is also known to her fans as Baby Sideburns, took matters into her own hands by giving her husband a list of things he needed to buy at the local grocery store. Some of the items on her list included milk, strawberries, cheese, and pop tarts. However, little did her husband know that some of the things on his wife’s list were impossible to find. That’s because she wanted 3 percent milk, seedless strawberries, and “diet diet coke” rather than just diet coke. And there's no such thing as organic pop tarts.

Alpert captioned her Facebook photo with, “OMG my hubby has been lying on the couch all morning while I'm doing sooooo much stuff so I finally got super annoyed and sent him to the grocery store with a special shopping list. And yes I turned my ringer off."

OMG my hubby has been lying on the couch all morning while I’m doing soooo much stuff so I finally got super annoyed and...

Posted by Baby Sideburns on Saturday, March 23, 2019

The post went viral quickly with many disgruntled moms and fans seeing the humor in Alpert’s joke, even though it came a few weeks before April Fool's Day. Her post has so far garnered 65,000 likes, 56,000 shares and 18,000 comments and counting.

Some of her fans commented on her post with, “The thing is, my husband calls me no matter what I send him for, every time. Part of what makes this funny!"

Another impressed fan said, “Thank gawd I wasn't drinking anything when I looked the second time because my computer keyboard would have been ruined!"

However, others thought that the list was rather mean, especially since Alpert decided to send her husband off to the grocery store during the same time she decided to turn off her phone.

Those who have followed Alpert and her Baby Sideburns blog over the years know that she often makes jokes at her husband’s expense in a lighthearted manner. This time around she didn’t follow up by adding her husband’s response to the list or what he managed to come home with following his grocery shopping trip.

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