10 Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

If one has clicked on this article then I assume that congratulations are in order! Planning for a baby is an exciting, rewarding, and frightening event that anyone who desires it is lucky to experience. And though there are a lot of serious things to consider while waiting for the due date to arrive and expensive necessities that need to be acquired, there are a lot of moments for celebration and fun to be had as well.


One of the most exciting things about pregnancy, besides picking out names, decorating the nursery, and picking out their first Halloween costume, is planning the baby shower. And what is a good party without a memorable and aesthetic invitation? Regardless of your personal style, this article will have an invitation inspiration for all who are waiting for the perfect idea to strike.

10 Sweet And Delicate

With a lovely mix of modern and retro style fonts, this easy to read yet cozily cluttered invitation feels warm and inviting. The trendy pieces and bohemian aesthetic are a perfect fit for younger parents and the beautiful design will make it a timeless keepsake that guests will not want to throw away.

Trendy invitations can be risky as trends come in and out of style so quickly that an invitation might still be printing when the design is no longer in vogue. However, the blend of modern and vintage elements in this invitation give it a timeless quality.

9 Inspired By Your Favourite Show

For a lot of new parents, the stuffy and traditional nature of many events surrounding the preparation can be daunting and unappealing. Which is why geeky and media related invitations can be the perfect option for someone who finds themselves being turned off by all of the lace and floral designs. Rather than picking a weird slogan that praises an unborn infant for his later promiscuity (seriously, what is with calling baby boys "Lady Killers?") nerdier parents might be more drawn to picking a tagline related to their favourite film or television show.

8 Pun Filled and Colourful

The best invitations contain puns and animals. This invitation is simple yet quirky and whimsical. The bright colors, variant fonts, and fun patterns give it a youthful vibe without being too gimmicky or sacrificing clarity for aesthetic.


Fun parents who find traditional invitation designs lacking in any way will rejoice at this colorful and sweet invitation. The pun removes some of the awkward formality that can be found in more traditional invitations while still keeping it clear for the older guests.

7 Themed After The Birth Month

One of the easiest ways to have fun with an invitation is to relate is to the month (or a holiday that occurs within the month) of the event in question. If a baby is being born in December, playing off of Christmas or the Winter Season can be a simple way to achieve a thematic and aesthetic design. October babies will suit a pumpkin, autumnal, or Halloween related invitation design. And invitations covered in beach balls, BBQ food, popsicles, and sunglass sporting suns will be perfect for all of the babies who are due in the summer months.

6 Aesthetic and Clean Cut

Sometimes there is no need to make a big invitation with an elaborate design, a well-crafted pun, or any of those excess features. Some prefer a more minimalist design that simply explains what the event is for, where it will be, and how to confirm one's own attendance. But simple does not mean boring.


One can have a simple and basic design without cutting any aesthetic corners. Creating an invitation in a unique shape or even using both sides of the cards creates a simple and minimalist design that is still appealing to the eye.

5 Cute Critters and Woodland Creatures

Baby animals, animals in baby's clothing, and fairy tale figures are common design choices for baby related products. And it is for a good reason. Cozy, cuddly, and content little creatures evoke a sweet and nostalgic vibe and can be a wonderful way to fill up space on any invitation.

Foxes, rabbits, sparrows, hedgehogs, and other sweet woodland creatures are some of the preferred animal companions used for baby shower invitations (and are also some of this writer's favorite animals.)

4 Disney Themed

Since one does not know the interests nor the personality of the unborn child, it can be useful to base the invitations on the interests of the expecting parents. If a couple is looking for a way to inject a bit of personality into their invitations, they should consider Disney, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, or other classic media inspired invitations.


The puns available for these designs are relatively endless. Choosing a pop culture-themed invitation can remove the awkward formal nature of more traditional invitations as well as informing guests that the event will be a more casual affair.

3 Unleash Your Inner Geek

In this writer's humble opinion, funny/humorous baby shower invitations are the way to go. It informs the guests that the event will be of a more casual nature than a more traditional invitation would imply, feels less awkward to give to friends and family, and provides joy both when making and receiving them.

Computer error messages, downloading or rendering speed notices, references to popular films, or other geeky themes are brilliant ways to introduce one's new child to the world in a more casual way without alienating the older/traditional family members/guests.

2 Rustic and Natural

Younger households may prefer a more rustic design if the traditional or geeky invitations are not suited to their personal interests. Though rustic themed weddings were in vogue for the past few years, the trend has not yet fully moved over to the baby shower world, and that is a shame.


Baby showers have a bad reputation for being stuffy, boring, and exhausting events in which everything is covered in pastels and the only food available is traditional English tea related items. But that does not appeal to everyone. Having a rustic/camping themed cookout or lakeside campfire BBQ may appeal to those who prefer more informal get-togethers.

1 Bring Out Your Comedic Side

Maybe "sweet" just is not your style. Maybe you are a younger couple who looks at the pink, lacey, feminine, and delicate traditional styles and feel completely alienated from the event entirely.

Maybe you considered not even having a baby shower because you were taught that they had to be formal and feminine affairs and that just is not your style. And that is okay. A more informal and humorous invitation, like the one above, sets the tone for a casual get together that will be focused more on friendship and celebration rather than tradition.


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