10 Easy Recipes For Homemade Baby Shower Food

Whether you’re planning a shower for yourself or a loved one you’re going to need to figure out a menu. No matter the size of the guest list, you’ll want to keep everything as easy as possible. You don’t need to spend all day in the kitchen to wow your guests. Mini versions of anything are always crowd pleasers.

People with babies on the brain are ready to be wowed by cuteness. Pretty colors are also an easy way to add some pizazz to almost anything. These 10 recipes are sure to impress without taking forever to make.

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10 Mini Caprese Bites

No one can resist the delicious, fresh flavor of a Caprese salad. The brightness of tomato paired with mellow mozzarella and delicious basil is a sophisticated pallet pleaser. All you need to treat your guests to a bite-sized version of this classic are some grape tomatoes, fresh basil, and mini mozzarella balls.

You’ll serve this snack skewered onto toothpicks. That gives you a perfect opportunity to add a little flair to your presentation. Simply slide a tiny tomato, a leaf of basil and a slightly flattened ball of cheese onto each skewer. Arrange on a plate and serve to your hungry friends.

9 Cotton Candy Cones

Pastels are a baby shower staple. Even the most modern and elegant affair is bound to have a little spot of soft color here or there. This treat makes for an adorable presentation in the perfect color palette. You’ll need some ice cream cones, cotton candy and white chocolate for extra credit.

If you decide to use white chocolate simply melt it and gently dip the rim of each cone. Allow it to cool a little but not harden all the way. Gently shape a ball of cotton candy to fit in the cone and gently stuff it into the top of each cone. White chocolate can help secure the fluffy goods but it isn’t necessary with careful packing.

8 Cheeseboard Kebobs

Continuing the trend of food on a stick is this playful take on the cheeseboard. Instead of putting out a boring old platter of cheese and crackers take your hors d'oeuvres to the next level. Simply choose your cheeses and a few savory or sweet accents and get ready to assemble a tasty treat.

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You can add olives, pickles, meats or even pieces of bread to each skewer to accent the main ingredient. Harder cheeses work best for this recipe as they’ll need to hold their shape well enough to stay on the skewers.

7 Marshmallow Pops

These sweet treats are incredibly fast to whip up and make a cute statement. There’s plenty of room for creativity here and you can match any theme. The basis of this snack is marshmallows Feel free to get fancy with the square variety, fun colors and flavors or jumbos. You’ll need a stick for your pops.

You can stick to the obvious wooden skewer or up the cute factor by using paper straws. You can coat and decorate your pops in a variety of ways using melted chocolate or candy melts. You can add chopped nuts, tiny candies or sprinkles to really add a pop of color. The possibilities are endless.

6 Tea Sandwiches

This is a classic party favorite which can be very simple but adds an air of sophistication to any event. Evocative of high tea and fancy parties, tiny sandwiches are an adorable addition to a baby shower. This appetizer comes together very quickly as you simply assemble several sandwiches then cut them down to size.

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Fillings can be simple such as cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumber. If you want to be a little extra you can even toast the bread. Slice off the toast for a uniform presentation and you’ll have a stack of petit sandwiches in no time.

5 Dipped Oreos

This yummy dessert is so cute it even makes a great favor. All you need is oreo cookies, chocolate or candy melts and some sprinkles for decorations. Melt your coating and dip each cookie halfway.

Then dip your cookie into your sprinkles and place it on a wax paper covered cookie sheet to harden. You can really get creative here. by switching up the variety of Oreos, the color of coating and the types of sprinkles. To use these cookies as your favor simply pack a cellophane bag or treat box for each guest and send each attendee home with an adorable snack

4 Million Dollar Dip

Dips are a party food classic that pleases crowds but are quick and simple to make. For this recipe, you’ll need a handful of chopped green onions, 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese, 1.5 cups of mayo, 0.5 cups of real bacon bits and 0.5 cups slivered almonds.

You can buy the bacon bits and almonds already prepared cutting prep time down to nothing. All you have to do now is mix everything together in a bowl and chill at least 2 hours before party time. Serve with some crackers for dipping and you’ll have your guests begging you for this recipe.

3 Cucumber Ham Roll-Ups

This cool, refreshing treat is perfect for warm weather showers. The cool, crisp taste of cucumber pair perfectly with slightly salty ham. You’ll need cucumbers, thinly sliced from end to end into long, flat strips, deli ham, and cream cheese.

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Pat the cucumber strips dry with a paper towel so the cream cheese will stick. Letting the cream cheese soften to room temperature will also help. Spread a thin layer on each cucumber strip and top with ham. Roll up and secure with a toothpick.

2 Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites

These bite-sized treats perfectly combine sweet and salty. They couldn’t be easier to make in any size batch and they’re a serious crowd pleaser. You’ll need mini square pretzels and rolos to create this snack. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Line a cookie sheet with pretzels and top each one with a rolo.

You’ll need enough pretzels to top each treat with a second one. Keep that in mind while shopping. Pop your cookie sheet into the oven for a few minutes. Watch it carefully, you just want to soften the candy, not melt it. Once the rolos are soft, take the cookie sheet out of the oven and top each square with its second pretzel. Allow to cool and enjoy.

1 Pomegranate and Cream Cheese Crackers

Who doesn’t love an easy to make a treat that makes a huge visual impact? This snack is delicious, unique and takes minutes to prepare. You’ll need cream cheese, crackers, and pomegranate seeds.

To make prep even easier, try to find pomegranate seeds that have already been removed at your grocery store. Spread some cream cheese on each cracker and line them up on your serving dish. Now, carefully spoon some pomegranate onto each cracker. That’s it. Easy, beautiful and tasty.

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