10 Thoughtful Wishes You Can Make In A Baby Shower Card

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a special time full of excitement and joy. Baby showers are a great opportunity to tell your loved ones how happy you are for their new arrival. Most baby shower guests bring a gift for the new baby and include a card. It can tough to decide exactly how to express your feelings to the happy family. If you've found the perfect gift and a cute card but you're struggling to find the right words to express yourself, we've got your back. Use one of these sweet sentiments to get the point across. Don't be afraid to personalize the message to make it even more thoughtful.

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10 Playful Advice

Unsolicited advice bombards parents from all sides. If you know the couple and their sense of humor really well, it might be appropriate to poke a little fun at this common new-parent woe. You want to be careful to make it clear you're kidding from the get-go. "We're sure you're sick of all the advice you're getting... so here's mine! Take time to enjoy these moments. Follow your own heart and trust yourself. You've got this!" Feel free to add congratulations and well wishes. Just because a card is playful doesn't mean you can't get a little emotional too.

9 For Families Of Faith

If your loved ones are religious this time is probably very spiritual for them. If you're familiar with their faith you can include a bit of scripture about love, blessings, and children. You don't have to be the same religion to include a genuine faith-based message. Simply telling the new parents that you're so happy for their little blessing will hit the mark. A totally secular message would be perfectly fine too. It's all about celebrating a special time with a family you care about.

8 For Childhood Friends

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There's no bond quite like that of lifelong friends. Watching someone you care about grow up and start a family of their own is a treasured experience not everyone is lucky enough to have. If you've been friends with one or both of the new parents since you were kids include some secret childhood memory or inside joke. This is a moment to celebrate life coming full circle. You can remind them of the child within themselves which will help them relate to their own kiddo. Reminisce about all the milestones of life you've hit together.

7 If You Know The Grandparents

Maybe the new mom or dad are close family or lifelong friends. If you're lucky enough to know the new parents' extended family you might include a thoughtful note about grandma and grandpa and their parenting style. "I know you'll be as great at this as your parents!" or "This baby is so lucky They have the best parents AND the best grandparents a kid could ask for!". For many families, a new baby brings all generations together. This is a great time to get sentimental about the past.

6 It Takes A Village

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Not everyone has a huge extended family ready to lend a hand. For those parents who might not have grandparents or aunts and uncles on hand, it becomes even more important to have a tight network of friends.

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It's an honor to be part of someone's chosen family. If you love someone who doesn't have a lot of relatives close by, remind them that you're there. Make your loved one feel welcome to come to you for love, support and anything else you can offer. Parenting is hard and it requires support. Be sure to let the new parents know that you'll always be there.

5 Transitioning Friendships

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It's cliched but it's true. Parenting changes everything. Your tailgating buddy might not have time to hit every game of the season now. Your concert partner may be spending all of their weekends at home. New parents often feel isolated by the demands of their changing lives. This is a good time to let your friends know that you'll still be there, even if things aren't the same. "Get ready for a new brand of late nights, I'm still just a phone call away." tells your buddy that you're still their BFF. Your offer of a new kind of friendship will mean a lot to a new parent afraid of losing touch.

4 Special Circumstances

Parents of special needs children face a totally unique set of challenges. Not only do their precious little ones require extra time and love but many people seem to feel awkward congratulating these awesome parents. If your loved one knows they're expecting an extra special delivery it's important for them to feel just as celebrated as typical births. Let these parents know that their child is perfect and wonderful. Tell them you're so excited to meet their fantastic baby. Let them know you're so happy for them and their lucky family.

3 Poetic Prose

If the expecting family are lovers of literature, include a nod to their interests. There is no shortage of touching poetry about the emotions of parenthood. Including a few lines of poetry is a personalized touch for your bookish loved ones. The wealth of material available ensures that you can find something perfect for each family and each occasion. You can choose something playful like Dr. Seuss or Serious like Maya Angelou. The possibilities are endless. If your own writing skills can't capture your feelings, let one of the greats do it for you.

2 Share Yourself

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If you're also a parent you have a wellspring of perfect material. Tell the expectant family how excited you are for them because you know first hand how rewarding it is. Let them know you're there to provide a listening ear for worries or a supportive hug on tough days. You of all people know how challenging and rewarding the journey they're about to go on can be. Share your greatest joy in parenting and build the new family's excitement. Parents need each other's support, this is a time to offer it and share your happiness for your lucky friend.

1 For Animal Lovers


Many new parents have beloved fur babies at home that may also need some love and support during this exciting time. If the new parent has pets don't be afraid to mention them or even offer to help out. "Rex is getting promoted to big brother! What a lucky pup!" is a fun way to acknowledge the whole family. If you have the time and desire, offer to take their furry kids out for a walk or even offer to "babysit" their pets. New babies can take up a lot of time and attention. Making time to give Rover the same attention they had before the baby arrived is a big challenge. If you're an animal lover too, you can help out by lending a hand.

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