Baseball Player Uses 'Baby Shark' As Walk Up Music

By now it's safe to say, we're all getting pretty sick of 'Baby Shark.' And yet, the song just won't go away. Sure, we can't expect our kids to give it up because it's basically the theme song of the under six crowd. But after it went viral last year, those of us who just couldn't take it anymore hoped that it would go the way of the dinosaur. But people just can't let it go! Now, a baseball player for the Texas Rangers is using it as his walk up music. Which begs the question, when will 'Baby Shark' swim away forever?

Baseball season is just beginning, with last week being opening week for the teams. When Elvis Andrus, who plays shortstop for the Rangers walked up for his at bat, no one was expecting it. But then, there it was: "Baby shark, do do do do do do." No doubt, there were a bunch of  people who noticeably cringed. There were also people who were probably scratching their heads in confusion. Naturally, there have to be people out there who haven't heard 'Baby Shark' yet. How, we don't know.

So, why did Andrus choose such a controversial song as his walk up music? Because, like most of the people who find themselves singing it while doing everything from washing the dishes to walking down the street, he's a parent. He has a 20 month old son Elvis Jr., and of course the little guy's favorite bop is of course, 'Baby Shark.' "It's my boy's favorite song," he told Fox News Southwest sideline reporter Emily Jones.

It's very sweet that he wants to honor his little boy, and the song will definitely get the crowd to participate.

It looks like the crowds at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, where the Rangers play are going to be hearing the song for the foreseeable future, Andrus admits that he wants to see if it helps him get some hits.

"Hopefully 'Baby Shark' can hit well. ... At least get me one hit a day. It's going to stay," he tells ESPN.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, it worked! In the opening game against the Chicago Cubs, Andrus had three hits, including a home run! Maybe 'Baby Shark' will become his lucky charm? Either way, it's a very sweet sentiment, and we're sure his little boy will love seeing daddy play!

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