Toddlers Can Now Get Adorable Custom 'Baby Shark' Vans Sneakers

If you have a toddler in your house, chances are they are big fans of the Baby Shark phenomenon. Baby Shark’s signature tune has become so popular it’s even made an appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Due to its growing popularity, parents can now buy just about every piece of merchandise, from Play-Doh sets to Fingerlings to cereal that is Baby Shark branded. And now, thanks to one very creative Etsy seller, your toddler can now wear their very own custom painted Baby Shark Vans sneakers.

According to 818 Vinyl Creations, you can order your very own custom painted Baby Shark Vans in any toddler or youth size and any style — choosing a lace-up version of the shoe or slip-on. The item is custom-tailored to your specifications, which means you can even have your toddler’s Vans personalized with their name! 818 Vinyl Creations states that all their shoes are authentic Vans sneakers and that each customization job is done by hand. The designs are not just permanent but they’re water-resistant too, which is important for toddler shoes as they’re not always so careful of where they’re walking.

Credit: Etsy / 818 Vinyl Creations

The custom shoes aren’t only totally adorable, they’re pretty reasonably priced as well. According to their Etsy page, you can get a pair of custom Baby Shark Vans for your toddler starting at around $65. The prices begin there and we can only assume that the more detailed the design and the more customization that is requested could result in a higher price. It is a bit pricey for a toddler shoe that they will no doubt grow out of quickly, but it’s pretty reasonable when you consider you’re getting a fully customized product.

Credit: Etsy / 818 Vinyl Creations

If your child isn’t Baby Shark obsessed but you love the idea of the customized Vans, the Etsy shop has a variety of other designs to choose from including Sesame Street, Bubble Guppies, Trolls, and even a “Friends” themed pair of custom painted Vans for adults. The store also paints not just on Vans, but Converse as well. While these aren’t officially licensed by the shoe company, they are definitely something that will turn heads and get people talking.

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