How To Get The Baby Shark Singing Toy, Since It Sold Out On Amazon Immediately

If you have a toddler in your home, you have undoubtedly been completely inundated with the sounds of the baby shark song for months (and months!) now. There is something so captivating and fun for little ones as they sing along and "doo doo doo" all day long. They are singing it. We are singing it. Everyone is pretty much singing it. On December 1st, the company that brought us this year's most iconic kid song released a baby shark toy on Amazon that sold out faster than most of us could open up our Prime apps. If you're still hoping to get your hands on this year's most popular Christmas gift, we've got some tips for you.

Selling out faster than anyone predicted, these baby shark toys are pretty much rivaling the great Tickle Me Elmo scramble that we experienced in our childhoods. We are now in the YouTube era, where baby shark is more than just king of the ocean, but of our children's hearts, too, and many parents are frustrated that they can't find one of these toys for their little ones to open over the holidays.

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The cute and musical plush toy that's based on the wildly popular YouTube video by Pinkfong, sings the "Baby Shark" song when squeezed. It's adorable, really, but hard to come by since so many people scooped in and bought them all upon release. Thanks to the age of resellers, there are some still available on Amazon, but of course, you will pay a pretty penny to have it delivered to your home. We're talking $90 to $200 and most of those aren't Prime-friendly.

If you are open to having the Shark sing the Korean version of the song, or a few other non-English options, there's always eBay, where these can be found for $37. 

Unfortunately, the online route is the only way to get your hands on these popular plush toys, but if you can wait until after the holidays, a new stock is rumored to be available online. And to put the pricing into perspective for you, these toys will be available for only $17 - so you could collect the whole family for the price you would pay a reseller and still have money leftover.

And if you're worried about getting the "Baby Shark Song" stuck in your whole families heads all the time, these toys come with one very parent-friendly feature: give them a second squeeze and they stop singing.

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