These 'Baby Shark' Puppets Are The Cutest Toy We've Seen In A While

WowWee and Pinkfong have partnered to release singing Baby Shark puppets that will make singing and dancing to your family's favorite tune an interactive blast.

By now, your kids are obsessed with Baby Shark and want to expand their love of the YouTube video to encompass Baby Shark themed toys and games. We know you need more Baby Shark in your life, right? WowWee's newest toy is just what the doctor ordered.

The Baby Shark Song Puppets with Tempo Control take things to a whole new level. These plush hand puppets sing Pinkfong's viral Baby Shark song when you move their mouths with your hand. Kids love playing around with the tempo control feature. The puppets will sing slower or faster depending upon the speed of your hand.

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The Baby Shark Song Puppets are available in three characters: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, and Daddy Shark. Of course, you will want to grab all three so that you can have a family puppet show performance of the whole song.

OK, OK, if you are completely sick of baby shark, we understand. However, you should totally still get the Baby Shark Song Puppets. Your kids can bring the puppets into their rooms and stay busy for hours singing and dancing with them. Meanwhile, you can relax with nobody draining your cell phone data plan replaying the Baby Shark video on YouTube. It's a good trade!

The Baby Shark puppets are part of whole lineup of toys WowWee will release this year. First up are the Baby Shark Fingerlings, which are already available for purchase. The Fingerlings are also interactive and respond to voice, touch, and movement. They are available in just the Baby Shark character, and they start singing when you move your finger in a wave.

The plush Puppets will be available in the holiday season. If you have not started your gift list yet, you now have one thing to put on it.

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