8 Products For Your ‘Baby Shark’ Obsessed Kid That Won’t Drive You Mad

By now, everyone, whether they want to or not, knows about Baby Shark. The little tune has made a big impact in the last year or so, going viral and climbing the Billboard charts. Any parent who has young kids will tell you the song has been around forever, and once a kid hears it, obsession is imminent. And who could blame them? It's super catchy, mainly because of the ease of the tune and how repetitive it is. Kids like it because they can sing along. Parents hate it for the very same reason, to be completely honest.

As Baby Shark fever has swept the world, all kinds of merchandise has popped up as a result. For some kids, Baby Shark may be the gateway drug into a deeper shark obsession. Or maybe it's just made the obsession with Baby Shark stronger. Either way, you have options in terms of things to buy. This is just a brief list of cool Baby Shark related items you can buy your kiddos to tide them over between repeated listens of the song and/or video.

Chunky Wooden Puzzle

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Okay, this is going to be kind of annoying. It makes noise. But the good thing is you can say that puzzle time will be short when it gets to be too much? If you really want to be deceptive, the batteries aren't included, so you don't even need to put them in.

This wooden puzzle is made for tiny fans of Baby Shark. The puzzle features all of the characters from the song: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, you get the gist. Featuring big enough pieces for tiny hands, this puzzle is fun for learning shapes and sounds (if you put the batteries in!)

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Shark Hand Puppet

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If your kiddo's obsession has lead to a general love for sharks, this plush hand puppet can be fun! Thankfully, the puppet fits onto a child's hand or adult hand, which means your kid can run around and pretend to be a baby shark.

Or they can just be a natural predator shark, swimming through the ocean and taking no prisoners. Since it's plush, you don't have to worry about it hurting when you inevitably get "bit" by it. Definitely a great toy for kids with a lot of imagination!

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Baby Shark Plush

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You cannot compare anything to the original. Baby Shark is an international star now, and now your kiddos can have one of the their very own. This officially licensed Baby Shark plush is perfect for any kids who are obsessed with the song. And what's good about this official plush is that it's not the one that sings.

But this plush is just as cute as the animated version of Baby Shark, and you can let your little one play baby shark to their heart's content. And since they have the real thing right there in their hands, they don't have to watch the video or listen to the song incessantly, which means, maybe you'll finally get a break from it? One can hope!

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Baby Shark Tee

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Maybe your kids love Baby Shark, but are more low-key in their fandom. Wearing the Baby Shark on a tee shirt may be more their speed. Of course Pink Fong has you covered with this official Baby Shark tee shirt. And it even has the song right there on the shirt! Of course that means people may just walk up to them singing, but it could be fun?

This youth size shirt comes in five different colors ranging from black to pink. And it comes in kid's sizes from size 2 to size 12. Just in case you were wondering, yes, they have shirts for the whole family.

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Baby Shark Book

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Does your little shark lover like to read? If they do, there is a book version of Baby Shark that will be perfect for them! Baby Shark the book has beautiful illustrations, and incorporates more ocean life than just the Shark family.

According to the book's description, "Children will delight in this silly sing-along story with funny, eye-popping illustrations and informative picture guides to help readers to mimic and act out the hand/foot movements and develop their fine motor skills. By the end of the singalong story, little ones will be laughing, singing, and dancing their way to fun and reading success!" Not only is it fun to read, but it will help their development.

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Hooded Towel

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Bath time is a perfect time for your shark obsessed kiddo to show their love! This hooded towel will make them feel just like Baby Shark after a nice "swim" in the tub or shower. And it's nice and big, which means it will grow with your little one for some time!

Plus is has a very cool picture on it, so they can go on a shark adventure while they brush their shark teeth!

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Bath Sponge

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Make bath time even more fun by using this shark bath sponge for washing up. Meet Tank the shark, who will quickly become your kid's favorite part of getting clean! This bath sponge is made of soft terry cloth, which feels good on little skin.

When you're ready to wash up, you pour soap (or stick the bar of soap) in Tank's mouth and wait for the suds! If you're wanting to foster a little independence during bath time, this is perfect for kids to be able to wash themselves with their new friend!

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Party Decorations

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Thinking of a theme for your Baby Shark obsessed little one's birthday? Have a Baby Shark party! Honestly, your options are endless for games and treats. And if you're looking for decor, look no further. This set has you covered for all you'll need to make their party look awesome.

You get 25 Baby Shark family cupcake toppers, one giant cake topper, two shark balloons, and two shell balloons. Obviously, you'll have to have the balloons filled, but you won't need anything else for decorations. And if you're not making cupcakes, you can use those toppers as additional decorations.

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Which one will your Baby Shark love the best?

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