A Baby Shark Play-Doh Set Is On The Way

baby shark play-doh

We really hope you're not ready to jump off the Baby Shark train, because that train just keeps on chugging right along! Baby Shark has become a worldwide phenomenon, and it's everywhere we look. It's on the iPads and phones, it's on the radio, it's even going to be on TV soon! There are off-shoots and knock-offs and toys and merchandise. The Pink Fong song gained massive popularity on YouTube, and now it's pretty much become a part of our DNA. Kids love that song. Like, LOVE IT. And they love the characters and the dance and the whole shebang. It's pretty cute, we have to admit, even if the sound of that opening note makes our skin crawl after a while. But as far as kid's song go, we can dig it.

If you've got a Baby Shark superfan, and are looking for ways to make their Baby Shark dreams come true, we have some great news for you. A Baby Shark Play-Doh set is coming to stores near you very soon!

baby shark play-doh set
Image: Hasbro

Yep, that's right! Baby Shark is getting the Play-Doh treatment with it's very own play set. Hasbro announced the new toy ahead of Toy Fair New York, and we imagine the announcement has already made quite the splash. This makes so much sense, too. The target audience of Baby Shark is toddlers and preschoolers, right? And who loves Play-Doh more than toddlers and preschoolers?! No one, that's who. Kiddos will be able to make their own Baby Shark and other characters with the included cookie cutters and molds. They can use the tools to make eyeballs and mouths, and there's even a mold to make seaweed, starfish, and more. The set comes with 12 cans of Play-Doh in colors that will make the perfect underwater scene for all their Baby Shark needs.

Hasbro said the set will hit stores on May 1, and it will sell for about $15.00. Clearly, this is going to be a hot commodity for the Baby Shark fans! The great thing is, this particularly piece of Baby Shark swag doesn't make noise or repeat the song. So in that sense, we are all for it.

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