Surprise, There's A Heavy Metal Version Of 'Baby Shark'

Just when you thought that the crazy popularity of the hit children's song Baby Shark had started to die down, another remix version of the Pink Fong classic has been released and people can't get enough! The uber-catchy children's song has gone viral and has not only charted on the Billboard Top 100 but has even made its debut at Coachella where a DJ remixed it before using the earworm as a lead into the classic dance track "Sandstorm" by Darude.

Thanks to the viral nature of the song and its appeal towards kids of all ages it's no surprise that the song has spawned multiple versions for different holidays like Christmas and Valentine's day, but this latest remix is a bit different than anything we've seen before. Heavy metal band Slay Dugee who is known for creating metal remixes of popular children's songs has created their own version of Baby Shark and it just may be what parents and kids have been waiting for.

The band actually released their version back in December and boasts over 140,000 views on YouTube, but that's nothing compared to the over 2 billion views the original version has. The metal version has been viewed almost 10 million times on their Facebook page so it's clear that kids and parents are definitely fans of this current heavy metal remix. The band's debut album titled "Kids Love Metal" was funded on Kickstarter and they told HuffPost UK that kids, in fact, really love metal music. "Kids genuinely love heavy metal. Which was a little bit of a surprise to us. Jumping around, shouting, dressing up and running around in circles are all second nature to kids."

This latest remix proves that Baby Shark isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Not only are we seeing a variety of remixes but there are a huge variety of Baby Shark themed products on the market for your obsessed kids ranging from Play-Doh sets to Fingerlings to literally any children's product you can think of! Baby Shark is even said to be the perfect song to use if you need to administer CPR to someone to help you count the beats of compression!

If your child is Baby Shark obsessed and you don't think you can take another minute of the classic version of the song, maybe try the heavy metal version to shake things up a bit and release your child's inner metal-head.

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