Baby Shark Fingerlings Are Finally Here

Baby Shark Fingerlings are about to be your preschooler's favorite new toy. These interactive finger puppets are like nothing we have ever seen before.

We are willing to bet that Baby Shark is one of your kid's favorite songs. Ever since Pinkfong released their version of the song and its video accompaniment three years ago, the kid world has been captivated. The video has been viewed over 3 billion times, and the song has been stuck in our head for pretty much the past three years.

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Baby Shark Fingerlings are now available at Walmart, and we are here to tell you that your preschooler needs one. The best part about this toy is how it interacts with its user. Second best feature? It plays the Baby Shark song.

Baby Shark Fingerlings are designed with magic motion sense technology. The toy responds to motion, sound, and touch, providing hours of interactive fun.

Here is what it can do: After your child arranges it on the tip of his finger, he can interact with it, like so:

If he shakes his finger, Baby Shark's tail moves from side to side. If he pets Baby Shark, his eyes blink. If he moves his finger in a wave motion, Baby Shark will emit splashing sounds and play the full-length Baby Shark song (in English).

If you are dreading listening to that song, think again. As a mom, you will need to hear this song regardless of whether you want to. But with the Baby Shark Fingerling, your child can play it on her own and does not need to ask you to play it over and over. Plus, no more draining your smartphone battery or using up your data plan. We call that a win.

Baby Shark's fin lights up with different colors depending upon his mood. If your child holds Baby Shark up to her cheek, she will get a kiss. How adorable is that?

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