Baby Shark Fingerling Is Coming, And It's Just As Adorable As You Knew It Would Be

Just when you thought Baby Shark had already reached peak level of popularity, having charted on the Billboard Top 100, getting its own animated series and basically taking over your child's lives, a new Baby Shark toy is announced, and you know your kids are just going to need to have it!

If you thought fans of the adorable toys Fingerlings were excited when they heard that WowWee, the company behind the popular toys that attach to your child's fingers was making a Narwhal Fingerling, they are losing their minds at the news that there are Baby Shark Fingerlings on the way!

At the Toy Fair in New York City recently WowWee announced that in addition to a current line of Baby Shark products like the Baby Shark Dancing Doll, Song Dolls, and Song Cubes currently available for sale by WowWee, they would introduce their very own Baby Shark Fingerling.

The super cute Fingerling features the bright yellow Baby Shark that sings the iconic Baby Shark, Do Doo Do Do Doo song and has a fin that lights up. Like WowWee's other line of Fingerling products, the Baby Shark Fingerling will retail for $15 at major retailers.

Those aren't the only new Baby Shark products that WowWee will be introducing either. According to a press release, the company is definitely capitalizing on the family of singing shark's popularity and launching "countless new products" as well as a whole line of Baby Shark Family Singing Hand Puppets. POPSUGAR reports that some of the new Baby Shark themed products being launched are a Baby Shark Melody Walker, a puzzle that sings when it's completed, and a Baby Shark Play-Doh kit.

Just when you thought the Baby Shark craze had died down, more and more products are being made available, all ready to sing that super catchy theme song to parents and kids alike.

“Seeing the immense success of Fingerlings and the widely-received response to Pinkfong’s ‘Baby Shark,’ we are eager to present our exciting new brands at New York Toy Fair,” said Richard Yanofsky, President, and co-founder at WowWee. “With the trend of collectibles on the rise coupled with our history of developing and manufacturing technologically creative products for the family, fans of WowWee can anticipate launches beyond their expectations.”

The Baby Shark Fingerlings will be launched in the Fall of this year, just in time for holiday season. Eager parents are definitely going to want to keep their eyes open for the popular product because they are absolutely going to sell out fast!

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