Someone Made An Emo Version Of Baby Shark

"Baby Shark" has become an unexpected hit in the last year or so. Parents have been subjected to the song by company Pinkfong for years. But suddenly the song became a viral hit. It's catchy and easy to remember, so its viral qualities are undeniable, but still seemingly out of nowhere. There are a bunch of remixes to "Baby Shark," but the newest one is certainly the one no one would expect. Brace yourselves for the emo version of "Baby Shark."

David Sikabwe, who has the YouTube channel Going Spaceward really transforms the song into something we've never heard before. (Except we have, millions of times.) It's acoustic, with Sikabwe playing the tune on his guitar. He adds some background vocals and instrumentals under the main music. But the biggest change? He added an entire verse that changes the meaning of the song a bit.

In this emo version, the singer is the victim of a shark attack. But in the original version, the family of sharks, while they are initially the predators, become the prey.

"I didn't think that I would die today. They smelled my bleeding wounds a mile away. It won't be long. They keep a steady pace. The ocean floor will be my resting place. Now I can faintly hear those sirens sing. My life is hanging from the thinnest string, the thinnest string. They move in packs. Now they've surrounded me. Not one or two; it's a whole family," the singer sings before going into the part of the song we already know.

No doubt about it, this version is a side of the song we never would have thought of. Since "Baby Shark" is such a simple song, there isn't much complexity to it. And that actually makes it easier to mess with. As offbeat as this emo version is, it actually works. Especially with the addition of the new verse.

"Baby Shark" has become a pop culture zeitgeist since going viral in 2018. In addition to all the toys and tee shirts, there is a cereal, and a forthcoming TV show. Additionally, it's crossed over into the sports world, with a baseball player using the song as his walk up music because of his son's love for the song. There is also a live show coming too.

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