The New Baby Shark Toy Dances And Sings, So Yay

Our apologies if you were expecting the Baby Shark obsession to peter out anytime soon. This thing has taken on a life of its own, and we will be listening to that annoyingly catchy song and buying Baby Shark merchandise until our kids are in college, at this rate. It started innocently enough, with that super popular YouTube video. Then suddenly, it was everywhere! There are Baby Shark shows in the works, there was a Baby Shark challenge, and the song even cracked the Billboard 100. And of course, there is Baby Shark merchandise, like this new Baby Shark Dancing Doll.

Toys and stuffies and plenty of t-shirts to satisfy the most ardent Baby Shark fan. Some of the toys are just stuffies based on the cute underwater animals featured in the song. But others will actually play the song (because we needed one more thing to play the song, right?!). Now, there's a new Baby Shark toy in town, and this one makes all the others seem boring. This new Baby Shark toy not only plays the song, but actually dances!

We're telling you, this thing is never going to die.

The dancing Baby Shark toy is made by WowWee, the same company responsible for introducing Fingerlings into our lives. We have to admit - it's pretty damn cute. The little plush toy has plenty of entertainment wrapped up inside. It will play the song, and when you tap its head, it swim dance around you on the floor.

But wait! There's more! If you press its fin, you can play two other songs (in case you need a break from the original). And it even responds with different reactions when you call its name!

dancing baby shark toy
Image: Amazon

You can buy your very own Dancing Baby Shark toy on Amazon for just $29.99. And it's in stock right now, for Prime delivery! So don't sit back on this one, because we have a feeling it's going to sell out very quickly. You know that as soon as your kids see an ad for this adorable little guy on YouTube, it's all they'll be able to talk about. We don't want to encourage anyone's obsession with Baby Shark, but if you can't beat them, join them!

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