There Are Baby Shark Costumes For The Whole Family

Well, summer has officially come to a close and kids are mostly back to school. The end of August and pretty much all of September are a whirlwind of school activities, homework, and rushing to get dinner on the table most nights. And before you know it, it'll be October and Halloween will be mere weeks away! Now, we're not even going to pretend that we haven't been planning Halloween decorations, costumes, and decor since last Thanksgiving. We can't help it, we love Halloween! But we also acknowledge that we are not like most people, and some of you guys will probably be scrambling to find costumes the week before Halloween after putting it off for too long. But maybe this year, you don't have to do that?

Maybe this year, you can be "I HAVE MY STUFF TOGETHER" mom, and buy Halloween costumes right now. Yes, now. We're going to go out on a limb and say you've probably got a Baby Shark fan in your family, so you're going to love these Baby Shark costumes for the whole family. The best part is they're available now, so you can check something off your list before you even put it on there.

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Listen, at some point you just have to accept that this Baby Shark thing isn't going away. So rather than try to convince your kids to be something, ANYTHING, other than Baby Shark, give in and get the damn costume. Amazon is selling Baby Shark costumes for kids from costume maker Rubie's, and they are pretty adorable. The costumes come in pink, yellow, and blue, and range in size from infant to small child, and sell for $23.94-$29.95. The best (or worst) part? The costumes actually have a built-in sound clip that plays the song!

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But obviously, if your kid is going to be Baby Shark, you and your partner need to go all out and dress up as Mommy and Daddy Shark. Just your luck - you can also buy adult shark costumes to match your kids! Rubie's also sells the shark costumes in adult sizes, in pink, yellow, and blue, and they ALSO have the sounds clips included. Prices range from $31.54-$32.37. Trick-orrrrrrr-treat DO DO DO DOODOODO!

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