Baby Shark Color Wonder Sets Are Now Available

Crayola has released Baby Shark Color Wonder Sets and your kids are going to be obsessed. Parents will be pretty happy with this toy as well, and not just because it doesn't play the Baby Shark song.

Here is why kids will love the Baby Shark Color Wonder Sets: Because they feature Baby Shark.

And here is why parents will approve as well: Color Wonder sets include special crayons that only work on Crayola paper. Moms can stop worrying about their toddlers drawing all over the doors, walls, or expensive purses. The crayons are interchangeable and work on any Color Wonder set, so there is no need to keep track of which ones go to which set if you buy multiples (which you will totally want to).

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Another major bonus: Color Wonder sets come with a folder-type package, making them easily portable. Your kids can bring them along pretty much anywhere. That makes this a perfect option for those times when you need to keep them busy. Whether it is at a restaurant, the doctor's waiting room, or to get through a long plane ride, Baby Shark Color Wonder Sets will keep the little ones occupied. And again, you have no need to worry about them coloring anywhere besides the paper because the crayons do not even work on any other surface.

Baby Shark Color Wonder Sets are available directly from the Crayola site, where they are listed at $7.99. They can also be purchased at major retailers like Target or Walmart. Walmart currently has them listed at $6.79.

Baby Shark has been a major sensation since Pinkfong released their video accompaniment to the catchy jingle back in June of 2016. Pinkfong's rendition has been viewed on YouTube 3 billion times and counting. Baby Shark merchandise has now exploded.

Crayola suggests that parents play the Baby Shark song while their little ones color the Color Wonder Sets. But we won't judge if you choose not to follow this advice.

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