The 'Baby Shark Challenge' Is Now A Thing, Too

baby Shark

In every generation, there is a kid song ear worm. We bet most of you can still sing the song for Barney or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, right? Some songs just get into your brain and are seared there for all eternity. These days, it's all about Daddy Finger, and of course, BABY SHARK! The "Baby Shark" song has completely taken over the kid world, and there's likely not a parent with a child under the age of 8 who doesn't sing it under their breath throughout the day. Ba-byyyyyyy SHARK, do-do-doo-doo-do!

What started as a simple little kid's song on YouTube has turned into an entire movement. Pinkfong is who we have to blame for the Baby Shark phenomenon, but now some parents are taking it to whole new level with the Baby Shark Challenge. Much like the "In My Feelings" challenge, this one is everywhere and so, so funny.

Now, it needs to be said that the Baby Shark challenge should be performed by adults. There's a moving car involved, for some strange reason, so this isn't kid-friendly! But kids will get an absolute kick out of the videos, and we bet yours would love if you filmed your own. All you need to know is the lyrics and silly dance moves from the song, and we all know that you could sing and dance to it in your sleep at this point!

THE ORIGINAL #babysharkchallenge 2018.. The one that started this whole baby shark movement! 🤣 PRESCHOOL FRIENDS & PARENTS! 🤣🦈🎶 Ms. Brittany's #kekechallenge .. preschool style! 🎶🦈The Baby Shark-ke Challenge🦈🎶 #babysharkchallenge #doodoodoodoodoodoo #babyshark #inmyfeelingschallenge EDIT: If anyone wants to participate by dancing to the Baby Shark song you don't have to dance beside a car! You can dance in your living room, your front porch, or anywhere else! Please hashtag #babysharkchallenge so Ms. Brittany can see it! I want kids to have tons of fun, but also want them to be safe! Thank you all so much for enjoying this fun little video and spreading love, laughter, and positivity around the world -Ms. Brittany 💕 .. **we don't own the rights to this song**

Posted by Tabitha Wilson on Friday, August 3, 2018

This video is said to be the one that started it all, the ORIGINAL Baby Shark challenge video. It's been shared almost 14 million times, and gets new comments and likes everyday, more than a month after it was posted by Tabitha Wilson.

But dads can get in on the action, too! This next video is another popular one in the challenge, with the dad doing the Baby Shark challenge as only a dad could.

Baby Shark

This dad wins the Baby Shark Challenge. Enjoy! #babysharkchallenge #babysharkdaddystyle Thanks to Megan Guenesso for sharing!

Posted by Bad Parenting Moments on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Admit it, you kind of love these, right? The bottom line is this: if we as parents have to listen to these songs over and over and over again, then we're allowed to have a little fun with them, too! We can't wait to see the next catchy (and annoying) kid's song turned into a challenge for parents.

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