'Baby Shark' Cereal Is Soon Hitting Our Food Shelves

The Baby Shark obsession has reached a new level: it’s going to be a cereal! Most everyone has had Pinkfong’s catchy version dancing around in their heads for the past couple of years, and now we will get to see the characters at the breakfast table too.

Pinkfong released their now-famous Baby Shark video in June of 2016. The clip features a boy and a girl telling the story of a shark family, through singing and dancing to toe-tapping instrumentals.

While many moms will remember singing and dancing to versions of the tune growing up, for some reason the internet went crazy with it just a few years ago. It became a challenge, which means that people everywhere started trying to upload the most popular rendition. Pinkfong clearly won, with almost 3 billion views (so far!).

The addictive video clip has inspired toys, games, and other merchandise, and now it’s going to be a breakfast cereal.

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Kellogg’s announced that they will launch a Baby Shark inspired cereal on August 17, available at select stores. The cereal is going to be berry-flavored (which the box dubs “berry-fin-tastic”) rings and mini marshmallows.

Kellogg’s Baby Shark cereal will be available at all Sam’s Clubs in the United States. When the cereal hits the shelves, it will be on sale for the first thirty days. The deal will get you a two-pack box for $5.98.

By late September, Walmart will sell the cereal in single packs.

The Baby Shark tune is the inspiration for Nickelodeon’s new animated television series aimed at preschoolers. Baby Shark Live will also go on tour in October in North America.

We love the idea of Baby Shark cereal, but we do wish there were shark-shaped pieces to much on instead of rings. How much fun would our kids have scooping up baby, mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa Shark on their spoons? On second thought, shark-shaped cereal might inspire more singing than eating.

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