Parents Are Throwing Baby Shark Themed Birthday Parties

For months now Baby Shark has managed to land on the tip of everyone’s tongues with its catchy and repetitive tune and has even landed on the top of the charts. Now the phenomenon is growing even more as there are parents who are throwing Baby Shark -themed birthday parties for their kids. The hit song has become a YouTube sensation with over 2 billion hits and counting.

According to Delish, proud parents are sharing their Baby Shark themed birthday parties for their kids on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. Complete with Baby Shark inspired décor and birthday party supplies, moms, dads, and even grandparents are posting their photos of sugary shark sweets including cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cakes, and more.

A lot of DIY and creative parents have also made backdrops, baby shark goody bags with matching set banners, cupcakes toppers and many more items to help make a Baby Shark birthday as memorable as possible. A lot of the items are either store bought or homemade but are easy to replicate at home with a few select items from a local craft store.

Earlier reports indicated that the creators of Baby Shark is also making a cartoon series for fans. The makers of the popular earworm are planning to expand their empire below the sea by collaborating with Netflix for a series of short videos. There’s even a musical that is planned along with a North America tour, according to Seoul-based SmartStudy Co’s Pinkfong.

Experts in the music industry claim that one of the reasons why Baby Shark has become so popular is because of the rise in popularity of Asian-based pop bands and K-pop music. The Baby Shark empire along with popular K-pop bands are helping South Korea become an entertainment powerhouse in the music industry with its worldwide influence.

SmartStudy, meanwhile, has gone the ‘kiddie pop’ route by targeting kids in the toddler range with its highly addictive sing-along songs and dance videos. Their formula has become a successful one with repetitive, easy to remember lyrics and a fast tempo.

Baby Shark made its debut at No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 list in January.

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