'Baby Shark' Is Climbing The Billboard Charts

It's a brand new year and if you were naive enough to think that "Baby Shark" was a thing of the past, then you've got another thing coming to you. The hit kids tune of 2018 is well and alive in 2019 and has accomplished else to add to its accolades: climbing the Billboard charts. Yes, something that used to be reserved for people we would call artists with platinum albums hanging on their walls is now showing that the YouTube video heard round the world is rivaling them.

Baby Shark, the YouTube video produced and created by South Korean educational brand PinkFong is racking up more than just YouTube views. They are legit everywhere these days, including stuck in our heads at all times and it seems like there is just no escaping this family of sharks that our kids love so much. The original video, which has been viewed more than 2.1 billion (yes, billion) times is picking up steam on another platform.

So here's the scoop: as of Tuesday, it was announced that "Baby Shark" debuted on Billboard's Top 100 at 32. Based on the simple fact that everyone seems to be "doo doo doooing" everywhere they go, it is only natural to question why it's only appearing on the charts now. What you may not know is that in order to climb the Billboard charts a few key things need to happen which is usually a combination of streaming strength, radio play, and sales. Since "Baby Shark" was initially released in 2016 and not really gaining steam until 2018, they had some catching up to do.

Now that this song has transcended past Youtube and become super official, we can only guess what the future will be for "Baby Shark" and the whole PinkFong franchise. We all know what happened whenever they released actual Baby Shark singing toys right before the holidays, so we're guessing that PinkFong is going to have another good year - and so will our toddlers.

Well, there's no point in fighting their success at this point in the game. Who wants to take bets and see which spot "Baby Shark" will land next week?

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Gabe Taye
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