This Baby Shark Bath Toy Sings While It Swims

If your kid loves Baby Shark but hates taking a bath, we have the perfect solution for you. The newest Baby Shark toy sings and swims right in the bathtub, which is of course, just where a shark belongs.

Pinkfong's Baby Shark video has now racked up 5 billion views (and definitely counting!) making the most popular video ever with the educational tag on YouTube. Baby Shark is seriously famous, and kids are completely obsessed.

Not all kids are obsessed with jumping in the tub, but we are willing to bet they would change their minds if this toy were waiting for them in the bubbles.

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The Baby Shark Battery Powered Sing and Swim Bath Toy, made by Robo Alive Junior, is the perfect addition to your bath toy collection. The cute little shark sings Pinkfong's rendition of Baby Shark, and if you drop it into the water, it starts to swim. Even kids who do not resist bath time will stay occupied longer and have lots of fun with this toy. Major bonus? Batteries are included.

Baby Shark Bath Toy
Credit: Amazon

Available shark family members include a yellow Baby Shark, a pink Mommy Shark, and a blue Daddy Shark. Each family member is sold separately. We have to admit we are a little bummed that Grandma and Grandpa Shark could not join the bathtime fun, but never say never.

The toy world is going insane with Baby Shark products. Hand puppets and Fingerlings are some of the newest additions. And it is not just toys. Baby Shark is sweeping the nation and the world. For Shark Week, an Ohio hospital is dressing up all of the newborns in baby shark outfits. A Baby Shark cereal has been released, and there is even a Baby Shark-themed indoor playground out there. In case that is not enough for you, Baby Shark is going on tour too.

We love everything Baby Shark, but these bath toys are something special. After all, they put Baby Shark right in his natural habitat!

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