Mom Shares Genius Baby Proof Christmas Tree Hack

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While Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be super stressful, especially if you have a baby in the house. It's fun and festive to deck the halls, but once a baby is in the house parents need to be uber aware of all the things that baby can get in to. Many parents often forego the traditional Christmas tree as they can often pose a safety risk to curious babies and toddlers who are fascinated by it's twinkling lights and pretty ornaments.

While some parents opt to tie their trees to the wall, or leave the bottom few feet bare or even purchase baby gates to surround their tree, one new mom came up withe a genius way to baby proof her Christmas tree that you are definitely going to want to copy if you're worried about the curious baby or toddler in your house.

"We just had a baby and didn’t have enough space for our tree this year so I hung this on the wall," Reddit user venusproxxy wrote as she shared a picture of her brilliant Christmas tree hack.

Credit: Reddit / Venusproxxy

The super smart mom explained that a trip to her local dollar store gave her all the supplies she needed to create her very own baby friendly Christmas tree. She wrote that she purchased the green garland used to create the shape of the tree as well as the bows she used to decorate the tree. She already had the lights so she was able to reuse those. A pack of command hooks allowed her to secure the tree, lights and bows to the wall.

"I started at the bottom and hung two hooks as wide as the space allowed, I eyeballed everything since it didn’t have to be precise," she wrote. "Then I placed the next one a little higher and a little to the left of the bottom right hook. The next one was a little higher than that hook and to the right of the bottom left hook. I kept going until the tree was as tall as I wanted it. The last hook on top (for the bow) was placed in the middle of the bottom hooks."

She then hung the garland, making sure not to put too much pressure on the hooks and then added the bows before finally wrapping the lights to add that twinkling touch. Because she already owned the lights, this new mom's clever Christmas tree hack only costs $12 to create! It's the perfect solution for anyone worried about lack of space for a tree or about curious little hands pulling on ornaments or tree lights.

Even if you do have a curious toddler in the house, you can make this tree as big or small as you like, and place it as high up on your wall as needed to avoid little hands. Commenters who were on a tight budget or had space limitations and especially those with little children in the house loved this Christmas tree hack. This proves that just because you may not be able to have a traditional Christmas tree in your house it doesn't mean that you can't get creative!

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