1-Day-Old Baby Left On Stranger's Doorstep With A Troubling Note From His Mom

Over the weekend a woman at an Orlando apartment building heard the sound of a baby crying. Upon investigation, she discovered a newborn baby, wrapped only in a t-shirt, on the doorstep of Althea Brown's apartment. Brown had already left for work, she told ABC 7, so the neighbor called 911 and waited for first responders to arrive.

The incident has left the residents of the Willow Key Apartments in Orlando shaking their head as to why something like this would happen. This is actually the second time a baby has been left at this exact apartment building in two years. "It's incomprehensible to me," Brown told the news station. "I don't know if it's a neighbor or not or if it was just somebody that decided to use this place as their escape. I don't know who it is. I don't know who did what, so I don't know what's in their head."

BABY ABANDONED ON DOORSTEP: Florida authorities are looking for a person who abandoned a 1-day old infant on a stranger's doorstep.

Posted by WFLA News Channel 8 on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Clive Petgrave, who also lives in the apartment where the baby boy was discovered told the Orlando Sentinel that he was woken by police knocking on his apartment door. "I was surprised, because, you know, something happened right at my door," Petgrave said. "[Police] asked me if... I had seen anyone that was pregnant. I said no," he added.

The infant boy was found to be in good health and was taken to Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Police are investigating and have reported the incident to the Florida Department of Children and Families. According to KCCI, the baby, who was wrapped in a t-shirt, also had a note with him.

"I had him in the bathroom," the note read. "His dad tried to kill us. Please keep him secret and take him to hospital. Dad a very dangerous man. I'm so sorry, I tried to clean him and feed him as much as I (could.)"

Kimberly Williams, who also lives in the complex, remembers a similar incident happening in October 2017. "This is crazy," she said. "This is really really crazy. Why do they keep leaving these babies like this?"

Police are reminding Florida residents that under the state's Safe Haven Law, a new parent can bring their baby to a hospital or fire station up until the child is one week old without risking any criminal charges.

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