Mom Accidentally Locked Baby In Hot Car Now Warns Parents About Key Fobs

Modern technology allows us so many little conveniences, however, sometimes these have their downsides. A good example of this is the automatic key fobs that you can get for cars. One woman is speaking out about a terrifying experience she had when, thanks to her key fob, she accidentally locked her baby in her car.

Florida mom Christina Tufford was shopping with her 10 month old daughter Maddie when the accident happened. According to KVOA News, she put her daughter into the car seat and started the air conditioner with the key fob. She began to load the car up and put the keys on the seat. Accidentally, she closed the door, and the car locked with her daughter inside.

Tufford understandably panicked, and tried to call OnStar to unlock the car. Sadly, she discovered her subscription to the service had lapsed and they were unable to open it. After a little while, the car shut off which meant there was no air conditioning in the vehicle. This was bad news for little Maddie, as it was a hot day and hot cars are a notoriously dangerous place for children.

According to WPTV, Kyle Osinga was a law enforcement officer who came to the scene to help. After trying again to see if OnStar could open the vehicle (they could not) and working with a tow truck driver to see if they could get in, they realized they had to take action. Osinga took his baton and tried unsuccessfully to break in through the glass. Luckily a passerby came with a tool and was able to break the window open so they could unlock it and get to Maddie.

The upside of this story is that Tufford is sharing her story to remind people the dangers of key fobs. Reportedly, she is now carrying a window punch, should something like this happen again. Other people may be inspired to do the same after hearing about this scary event, and how it could potentially happen to any of us. Cars can be dangerous, and sometimes the modern technologies that can make our lives more convenient can also cause some serious problems.

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