10 Ways To Decorate A Gender Neutral Nursery

Decorating a nursery can be a very big venture. From the influence of social media, of parents and of friends, you can feel the pull to paint in specific colors, use certain decals and purchase certain accent pieces to make it your baby's own. In this day and age, gender reveals are all the rage, so there's often pressure to decorate a certain way.

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However, some do not want to decorate their nurseries in specific colors like pink and blue (though pink and blue can be beautiful colors for any child). Some prefer more neutral colors. So, to inspire the parent who wants a more gender neutral nursery, we have listed 10 ways to go about decorating your precious child's room.


Decals come in a large amount of shapes, colors and designs. They can be used on furniture as well as walls. Decals can be custom made into your child's first name, their surname or even the date that they were born. Decals do not have to be butterflies and rainbows, though if you'd like that, why not?

You do not have to choose the generic decals just because they're easily available or everyone else is doing it. If you'd like to design a more neutral room, nature-related themes are a timeless choice. From mountains to trees, no matter the child, they'll surely be calmed by the natural and neutral decals surrounding their sleeping heads.


Chandeliers have become a major trend this year, especially beaded ones, and we are so excited about it. Keeping a nursery gender neutral is a great idea, whether it's a surprise (boy/girl) or not.

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Spicing up any room with a unique chandelier is always a good choice. So, when you need a good lighting choice for a neutral theme, choosing a beaded chandelier will keep a natural, gender neutral feel while adding some pizzazz.


Rugs are a great decor choice when jazzing up a room. When you decide to go with a more gender neutral themed nursery, it's important to choose textures and tones that will suit any individual.

Who doesn't love a good, comfy, natural colored rug, for any baby --no matter their gender-- to crawl on, play on and potentially vomit on? When you choose a natural colored rug, not only is it pleasant to the eyes, but it will also be an easy clean up if/when there's any mess.


Furniture will also often be colored on, spit up on and potentially picked apart by tiny, little hands. So, in order to keep it clean, have as many of those magic erasers handy to ensure a spotless, white finish.

Even then, white furniture truly goes with every individual; especially a little baby. No matter the gender, white furniture is incredibly neutral. Plus, it will look great as they age and want furniture that's timeless to any age, any style, any gender.


Yes, wooden toys are incredibly eco-friendly. They are trending not only because of their versatility, their sustainability and their accessibility, but they're also a great gift or decor piece for a gender neutral nursery.

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Wooden toys come in many different colors and shapes, of course. But if you're looking for a more gender neutral vibe, maybe use light, wooden colors to ensure no toxic paint is used. Some blocks can even be dyed using vegetables and fruits such as beats and raspberries. There are some incredible options out there, so search around for some extra toy inspiration.


Clothing racks are often exposed in modern-day nurseries. Whether the parents and/or guardians remove the closet's doors from their tracks or they purchase a separate rack to hand from the nursery's ceiling, clothing racks are a great decor accent to hang gender neutral clothing such as onesies, sweaters and even baby hats.

Honestly, any baby of any gender could and should wear any color. But, the trends right now are natural, warm colors. Go with what you prefer and opt into a clothing rack filled with neutral pieces.


Baby shoes are always a great decor option, especially when you're opting into a more gender neutral nursery. With a book shelf, display little shoes up-right for all to see. From sandals to sneakers, the best thing about shoes is that there's truly no stigma (which we see quickly dying out) over which gender wears which color or style of shoes.

Any baby, of any gender, can wear any color. So, whether they are hand-me-down moccasins from a sibling or handmade baby slippers, displaying them on a shelf is a great way to re-use the wall piece and display some adorable, gender neutral shoes.


Children's literature has taken a beautiful and progressive shift. Topics which weren't often discussed are now innocently expressed. The beauty of gender neutral rooms is that books can and should be displayed with confidence and pride.

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Books that are preferably aesthetically pleasing by their cover pages and perhaps more pleasing to the eye should be highlighted and displayed for all to see.


Crib sheets are often purchased in greys, whites and creams, which are great shades to purchase when you're decorating a more gender neutral, natural colored room. But, we believe it's great when you add some color to a gender neutral room.

Whether you've decided to use your son's sister's pink sheets in his nursery or purchase him bright, orange sheets for his very own, we believe a great colored sheet is not only a fun way to bring light in but can also be re-used for other craft ideas in the future.


Furniture should be fun- yet versatile. It's a great way to add accent pieces that could even be designed and constructed by the older children in the house. If you're opting in to a more gender neutral room with very natural colors, why not purchase or adopt a pre-owned dresser or change table and have your older child, no matter the age, paint or splatter it in any color they prefer?

What a great discussion piece that will have very little money spent on it, yet a lot of appreciation and love: a piece which will surely be never thrown away.

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