Baby Bottle Nails Are The Newest Viral Nail Trend

baby bottle nails

Just when you thought that you’ve seen it all, we’ve got this for you: a baby bottle nail trend. That’s right, there are grown women out there who are painting and accessorizing their nails to look like miniature baby bottles that even squirt fake milk, too! Some people seem very conflicted by them though, as they don’t know if they are totally impressed by the creative idea or totally grossed out by it.

A Moscow-based salon named Nail Sunny is going viral for their tiny baby bottle nails. The Russian nail salon is known for its rather bizarre designs and trends, as they’ve come up with some of the strangest things we’ve seen on the Internet, from feet nails that looks like tampons, cheese sandwiches, carrot sticks, colored-pencil nails, nails that look like molar teeth and comb nails. And no, we are not making any of this up.

And because “feet nails” or tampon nails isn’t enough of a reason to give you real nightmares, the milk bottle manicure is the latest trend that has Russian fashionistas hungry (or is it thirsty) for one. Each nail has a faux milk bottle shaped into it accompanied by a blue stripe. The video goes on to show the tip of the bottle being pierced and forming a hole for the milk to flow out.

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And as you can imagine, the Internet has definitely had something to say about this new nail trend. The salon’s Instagram post has received over 3,000 comments and counting. One Instagram user said, “Never running out of milk again when it's at the tip of your fingers.”

Another social media user said rather bluntly, “This is just nasty looking. Totally would not waste money on something so tacky.”

And while a lot can be said about this baby bottle nail trend, one thing is for certain: there is truly no boundaries when it comes to nail art. There’s even a Hot Dog nail look complete with ketchup and a Rapunzel-style hair manicure available for those who really want to be the water cooler talk at the office. Some people call it tasty while other people say it’s completely tasteless. You be the judge. With that being said, hopefully no one is going to actually feed their babies with these nails, right?

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