‘Baby Bangs’ Are The Next Big Hair Trend We Don't Need


We've seen a lot of "what's old is new again" beauty and fashion 'trends' in the last few weeks trying to make themselves relevant again, despite most people being horrified by the idea. First, we saw GQ Magazine announce that boot cut jeans were going to be making a comeback despite most of the internet absolutely hating the idea. Things only got worse when we heard that low-rise jeans were making a comeback. Low-rise jeans weren't a good look even when they were in style, so we're still having a hard time trying to figure out why anyone would want to bring them back!

On top of the questionable trends in denim wear that are trying to make a comeback in 2019, there is a new hair trend for 2019 that is making a comeback that we definitely don't need in our lives. Baby bangs are exactly what they sound like, tiny, super short little bangs meant to frame the face. If you can pull off bangs, you may be tempted to try this new look, but for most, they end up looking less like Bella Hadid and more like a toddler who got their hands of a pair of their mom's scissors.

SimpleMost states that the baby bang trend search is up by 51% this year on Pinterest showing that it is definitely a trend that women are interested in. The look is definitely edgy and high fashion, showing up on runway looks for the last few months already. Kaia Gerber rocked the look on the catwalk, making her super short baby bangs look amazing and model Cara Delevigne rocked the look in a fashion campaign ad.

But like most trends, just because the supermodels can pull it off doesn't mean the rest of us can. Most women have experimented with bangs on and off their entire life. My own hairdresser has a standing rule that no matter how much I ask about them, she won't cut bangs for me. I've been down that road enough times to know that I just don't have the hair texture to make bangs work. I even tried the baby bang trend once a few years ago and let's just say; it wasn't a good look.

The good news about the baby bang trend is thanks to hair extensions; they don't have to be permanent. Stylist to the stars Jen Atkin told Refinery 29 that if you want to give the new trend a try without chopping your own locks, you can simply but your own baby bangs.

"The best thing to do for girls that don’t want to fully commit to cutting fringes is to buy them and have your stylist cut them to fit your face," Atkin explained. "Once that’s done, you can apply them yourself on any day you want to switch it up and rock your little fringe."

While baby bangs may not be your cup of tea, it does seem like it's a trend that we're going to be seeing a lot of in the new year. If you're hoping to avoid any hair disasters in 2019, it may be a good idea to take Jen Atkin's advice and try on a pair of clip-on baby bangs before fully taking the plunge.

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