If You Want To Make Good Money As An Influencer, Have A Baby

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There’s a good reason why so many people see babies on social media accounts these days. That’s because newborns and young tots make the best influencers, according to a new report. As a matter of fact, getting pregnant and starting an Instagram account for your new bundle of joy might actually generate a lot of income on the side.

According to Racked, the direct-to-consumer model is hot right now in the pregnancy, newborn and toddler sphere. This is mostly because social media followers are more likely to purchase something that was worn by a baby on an Instagram post that they’ve happened to see on the app, or a product that is sponsored by a mom blogger or influencer.

There has been a big boom in Instagram shopping, thanks to these pint-sized influencers. Many brands are directly reaching out to moms with young tots in hope that they will be able to go directly to the consumer. In other words, there’s a better chance that a certain brand name or product will be purchased if a consumer sees it on a cute Instagram post with a baby rather than on the shelves of a store like Buy Buy Baby.

Influencer marketing is benefiting the retailer, consumer, and of course, the influencer, who often pockets a sizeable fee for advertising a product on their social media page. But there’s a catch: the older your child, the less likely he or she will be a profitable influencer. “Kids grow up and become less relevant,” influencer Ross Smith told the New York Times in an interview last year. “The sweet spot is between 2 and 4, [after which] they’re not that cute.”

For many successful influencers, they can make up to $20,000 a post or more, depending on their followers and social media engagement. Many s influencers say that the key is to have 1 million followers or more.

Critics will argue that many mommy bloggers and influencers are monetizing on their children and their childhood, but others say that it’s simply a good way of paying the bills.

Another influencer pointed out that millennials are now having children and they care about design. In other words, they care more about quality and are well aware of how important it is to build your personal brand – even if that means including your family.

It’s also been noted that while child models and actors are protected by state laws around working conditions, hours, and payment, the same doesn’t apply to Instagram posts.

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