Someone Shamed Ayesha Curry For Her 10-Month-Old Son's Weight

We all know that moms — especially celebrity moms — endure more than their fair share of trolling on social media. They are often mom shamed and body shamed, by author and businesswoman Ayesha Curry recently shut one troll down on her social media after they had the nerve to body shame her 10-month-old son!

Curry, who is married to Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry recently posted a sweet picture of her family and friends celebrating the Warriors' NBA Western Conference final win. Curry is seen standing beside her husband as she holds their 10-month-old son Canon while their daughters Riley, 6, and Ryan, 3 are standing in the middle of the picture.

For some reason, one of Ayesha's followers asked if she was pregnant again in the comment section, prompting the cookbook author to reply, "absolutely not LOL. My 30lb son is just breaking my back in every Photo." As if it weren't bad enough that someone asked a 10-month postpartum woman if she was pregnant again, other commenters then began to comment on baby Canon's weight!

"30lbs at 10months?? Sheesh" wrote one commenter on Curry's son's weight. Others acted as though they were health authorities for the child."He's the size of a friggin 3 year old! You're setting him up for health problems. Child diabetes for one." Curry seemed to ignore most of the negative comments until one poster decided to body shame the infant and go so far as to suggest the mother of three put her baby on a diet!

“Maybe portion-control his food a bit,” wrote one fan in a since-deleted comment. That was simply too far for Curry who replied writing, “excuse you? No. Just no.”

It wasn't just Curry who wasn't taking such rudeness either. Many of her fans and followers commented on the ridiculous remark. "RIGHT!?!! @cashmoneyap should portion control his rudeness!! Chubby babies are the cutest!!" wrote one commenter. "Shame on y’all for suggesting portion controlling a baby! Babies only eat when hungry... he wouldn’t eat if he wasn’t hungry! There is nothing wrong with rolls on a baby!!! Shame on you adults body shaming a BABY," wrote another.

Curry recently told Parents Magazine that food is incredibly important in her house as is getting her children involved and encouraging healthy eating and habits while still having fun. "In our house, you’re definitely not getting dessert if you don’t eat your dinner! But we do throw the rules out the window once in a while. We love to have movie night with the kids where we eat popcorn, ice cream, and then breakfast for dinner." She also noted that she wants her children to have a wonderful, healthy relationship with food which is probably why she has no trouble shutting down body shamers. "I hope that when my kids are adults, they remember that cooking is fun and they aren’t intimidated by their kitchen. Food is a love language for me, and I hope it is for them too."

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