10 Awesome Board And Card Games For Kids

Board games are a great way to spend family bonding time on a Sunday night, not to mention get your kids away from their mobile devices for at least a half an hour.

There are games that are great for families, as well as ones that a group or pair of kids might want to play on their own while the adults play their own games at a party, for example. Card-based games can also be a lot of fun, and are often simple to learn and come in small boxes that kids can take with them to a friend’s or family member’s house.

Whatever the plan, here are 10 awesome board and card games that kids will love.

10 Connect4


A classic, this game continues to be so popular that it’s not uncommon to find life-sized ones being sold online and in stores for backyard summer play. The concept is simple: pick a color (red or yellow), then drop your discs into a desired slot, one by one, alternating turns. The goal? Be the first person to get four in a row or to, as the title implies, connect 4.

Make it more challenging by playing super rapid games that don’t give you time to fully scout out the board and notice that your opponent is one disc away from getting four in a row diagonally. It’s like tic-tac-toe but to the max. And the kind of game you can play with kids as young as 4. It comes with the grid, two legs, a slider bar to release the discs once a round is over, 21 red and yellow discs, and instructions.

9 Guess Who?


Another classic game that kids love, select a character from the 24 mystery cards and assume that identity. Then, you and an opponent must try to guess who the other person’s character is by process of elimination achieved through asking yes or no questions. Does your person have on a hat? If so, flip-down all characters who don’t. Take turns asking questions. Make a guess any time to win.

The game comes with two boards, 48 face cards to insert in the slots, 24 mystery cards, 2 scorekeepers, and instructions. Kids as young as 6 can play.

8 Clue


The original whodunnit game, this one will appeal to kids aged 8 and up who love the concept of mystery. A murder has been committed. There are six suspects. Who did it? Find out who, where, and with what weapon, and correctly guess to be deemed the winner.

This version includes updated rooms, weapons, and guests in the millionaire’s mansion on one side of the gameboard and the Boardwalk on the other. It’s suitable for 3-6 players.

7 5 Second Rule


No, this game doesn’t require you to drop food on the floor then immediately pick it up and eat it as characterized by the original “5-second rule” among kids. Instead, this card game requires that you select a card, read the topic, then start a timer and you have five seconds to name three things that relate to that topic. It sounds easy, but with just five seconds ticking away, players can easily get frantic and tongue-tied.

With lots of laughs, this fast-paced party game is suitable for kids aged 10 and older, and 3 or more people can play.

6 Kings in the Corner


Putting a new spin on Solitaire, this game for ages 7 and up sees players place cards in sequence, playing as long as you can until you have no cards left. If you can’t play, you must pay the pot. The first person to empty his hand gets the pot, along with points for every card your opponents are still holding. In the end, the person to reach 100 points wins.

The game comes with a deck of custom playing cards and chips, along with a fold-away control center and instructions.

5 Trekking The National Parks


This MENSA award-winning board game will take kids through a tour of various U.S. National Parks where they can learn interesting facts about each one as they go by on the board. Each time they stop at another park, they claim a Park Card and collect trail stones. It’s simple to play and understand, with each game taking anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

It’s a great game to enjoy family fun with kids as young as 10, while also teaching them about geography. Suitable for from 2-5 players, it’s one the entire family will love.

4 Blink – The World’s Fastest Game


Dubbed the world’s fastest game, two players go head-to-head to match shape, count, or color on their cards to other cards in a discarded pile. The first person to play all the cards from their draw pile wins.

It’s a simple and colorful game that kids will love, and even young kids can pick up on as it helps them develop their reflexes and response times. Symbols include ones like moons, triangles, and stars; there are 60 symbol cards in all, along with instructions in the package.

3 Bears vs Babies


Packaged in a hilarious box covered in brown fur, this monster-building card game, made by the creators of Exploding Kittens, is a strategic game whereby players must create monsters that eat despicable babies. Monsters can gain strength with power tools, caffeine drips, and saucy sombreros.

Appropriate for kids aged 10 and up and for 2-5 players, it only takes 20 minutes to complete a game, but you can play again and again, making new creations each time. It comes with 107 cards, a playmat, FAQ sheet, and rule book.

2 Everest Toys Anomia Party


This card game for 3-6 players gives players the goal of winning the most cards by facing off with other players. Fast-paced, you flip a card until the symbols on two players’ cards match. When they do, the players have to give an example of the category on the opponent’s card, which could be a brand, pop song, or sports team, for example. While you might know every sports team there is, when you’re on the clock, it can be difficult to think of something in the moment.

Each game lasts about 25 minutes and comes with 6 decks of cards containing more than 425 categories, with customizable blank cards allowing you to add your own personalized ones (e.g. dad’s favorite dinners or names of family members.)

1 Kids Against Maturity


A kid-friendly version of the adult party game Cards Against Humanity, it contains similarly gross toilet humor that is more appropriate for kids.

Ideal for those aged 8 and up (depending on how open-minded the parents are, and their sense of humor), each kid receives 10 answer cards and takes turns asking blue question cards to which they select the answer card in their hand that they think fits best (or makes for the funniest answer). The player whose anonymous answer is voted to be the best one gets a point, and you continue until the end of the game to see who racks up the most.

You can make the game as long or as short as you wish. It comes with more than 500 question and answer cards to keep the kids thoroughly engaged and giggling.

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