10 Activities You Can Plan To Have With Your Kids This Autumn

The changing of seasons from summer to autumn brings a myriad of activities that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, while the transition from autumn to the beginning of winter brings cool weather and the perfect temperatures to explore activities for families with little kids.

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Autumn is also marked by different rituals as it is normally connected to the harvest season. The days become shorter and we have to be more creative in keeping our little ones busy and happy. Here are some activities that we can enjoy in autumn, and things that we can do with the whole family that will surely make wonderful memories for our children.

10 Create Art Works Using Nature

With leaves falling and twigs snapping, children will surely enjoy collecting them and creating art using things nature has given us. Your toddlers can collect differently shaped leaves and stick them on paper to create a collage of their collection. Stick some twigs on paper or canvas and use their fingerprints to create “leaves” using paint. Using only a few materials, there are many arts and crafts you can get into with your children. You can also create different items using pinecones and paint them to make them more colorful. These activities will keep them busy and creative while being enjoyable and educational at the same time!

9 Visit Festivals

Festivals allow children to have fun while learning something about rituals and celebrations. Wherever you are, there are many festivals that you can visit and take part in. Oktoberfest is a famous festival that celebrates German culture with drinks and a lot of food. You can also take part in festivals with a mystical twist to them like Halloween or the Scarecrow Festival. One of the most family-friendly festivals you can attend is a pumpkin festival. Many places hold this to celebrate the harvest season. These festivals have many attractions and activities that will surely be enjoyed by the whole family, keeping your children entertained for a whole day.

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8 Go Out and Play!

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the outdoors! Get a rake and ask your children to collect all the leaves. With your help, they can jump on and enjoy the leaf nests they made. If you have a big backyard, make your own obstacle courses using things you already have at home and have fun. With trees losing their leaves, they’re ready to be climbed on by little children with the help of their parents. Roll around the grass or kick some balls. There is nothing better than being active and getting some much-needed sun during this season.

7 Pumpkin Picking and Carving

Visit your local pumpkin patch and your kids will surely enjoy picking their own gourd! You can enjoy many activities once you have picked the pumpkin – guess their weight, roll them down a strip, play bowling with small pumpkins, and many more! Once you get home, parents can help their children clean their pumpkins and get them ready for carving. Whether you make scary faces or happy ones, kids will surely enjoy this family bonding activity. For those with toddlers who can’t use tools for carving yet, enjoy painting the pumpkins. You will have more fun decorating them if you have pumpkins of different sizes because each can represent a member of your family.

6 Visit an Apple Orchard

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5 Dress Up For Halloween and Party!

One of the best memories that children will have is dressing up for Halloween. You can go out and buy an adorable costume for your kids or make one yourself! With a little creativity, some cloth and lots of inspiration, you can make your kids into pirates, princesses, witches, or superheroes. Put their cute costumes into use and go with them trick or treating. You can also throw your own Halloween party and invite friends over. Set up a crafts area for kids, have them parade in their costumes, and do your own indoors trick or treat with friends. Don’t forget to take pictures to record these fun times so you can show them to your children when they’re all grown up.

4 Go On a Simple Hike

You don’t have to go deep into the mountains to enjoy a hike with your kids. Instead of just walking, include activities that will surely be enjoyed by the children. You can have a color walk where kids will look for items of a particular color. If you have a park in your area, it will be a good time to observe the changes that autumn brings to nature. You can enjoy bird watching or have a picnic in the park. Bring some art materials along so the kids can have some time drawing what they see around them. Hiking is a good exercise for the whole family and will help them enjoy and appreciate the outdoors more.

3 Dress Up a Scarecrow

This fun activity will surely be a bonding experience for the whole family as you need everyone to pitch in for a perfect-looking scarecrow. Get some hay, some old clothes, and whatever art materials you have and dress up your scarecrow. If you have toddlers who are not yet ready to be exposed outdoors, you can make your scarecrows using brown bags, toilet paper rolls, yarns, or hats. You can even make one with some small pumpkins you may have left from your picking. Really, any material will do as long as you get creative. Don’t forget to make their arms wide and their eyes rolling for the perfect little scarecrow!

2 Experiment with Pumpkins

Every day is an opportunity to learn! There are many pumpkin experiments that you can do with your children to make them appreciate nature and science more. You can start by carving out the pumpkin seeds and putting them in a dry place. Put cotton inside the pumpkin and keep it moist by spraying water. Spread the seeds inside and watch them grow into sprouts after a couple of weeks. You can also use pumpkins to make your own pumpkin seeds or your own play dough. There are a lot of possibilities for learning when using pumpkins. These will keep your children not only entertained but will also help them understand simple processes better. You can also roast the seeds for a nutritious snack.

1 Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Last but not least is an activity that adults and children will surely enjoy. Make your own autumn scavenger hunt and watch the whole family buzz with excitement. There are many templates that you can use from the Internet to make your scavenger hunt list. Have your children look for interesting objects that they can find in nature. You can also put a twist to the usual scavenger hunt if you have children older than five-years-old. Challenge them to a photo hunt using mobile phones or digital cameras. This will make them look into their surroundings better and make them appreciate the beauty of nature.

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