Articles by Samantha Steiner


10 Celebrity Moms Who Have Leo Babies

If a beautiful baby girl or boy is born between the months of July 23 and August 23, they would be considered a Leo in the zodiac signs. Leos are feisty and fiery individuals who are ruled by the sun;...


10 Tips For Parenting A Child With ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is known to affect a child’s ability to pay attention and focus as well as cause them issues with sitting still and being able to practice self-control....


10 Tips For Dealing With A Clingy Child

Almost every child goes through a period of clinginess but for some children, it just seems to last longer than others. At first, parents may think it’s the cutest thing ever the first time their chil...


10 Signs You're Ready For Another Baby

Some moms already know that they want to have more than one child well before they even gave birth to their first born, while others are surprised by the desire, they get to have another baby once the...


10 Things To Avoid Oversharing With Your Kids

It is always a good thing for parents to be open with their children – to an extent. Kids can often learn by having their parents share their own personal experiences and struggles. But there is such ...