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mom and daughter hugging

Is It Okay To Have A Favorite Child?

Chances are in your life as a parent there has come a time where someone asked you which if your kids was your favorite. Some people ask to joke about it, and others are trying to see if you will jump...

girl holding up a glass of milk

Why Drinking Milk Is Recommended For Kids

Most of us grew up drinking milk and hearing the slogan, "milk, it does a body good." Milk is still recommended by most doctors, with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommending that toddler...

child model

Could Your Child Be A Model?

Most parents think their children are completely adorable. Maybe they've even had friends and family members tell them the same, and encouraged them to look in to a modelling agency. Being a child mod...

family adoption

What Are The Different Types Of Adoption?

With November being National Adoption Awareness Month it's important for people to be educated on some of the different types of adoption. There are approximately 135,000 children adopted in the Unite...

family with adopted children

What Is The General Cost Of Adoption?

November is National Adoption Awareness Month, a month that not only puts a spotlight on all adoption related issues but also promotes the adoption of children in foster care. While there are many peo...

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