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girl scouts

Girl Scout 'Rebrands' Her Samoas As 'Momoas'

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade, then you'll know that Jason Mamoa is a pretty big deal. Ever since he came to prominence in Game of Thrones, Mamoa has been the apple of man...


Why Are 'Poop-Themed' Toys Are So Popular?

Poop. As parents, we just can't escape it. For the first couple of years, we're tasked with changing some horrendously sewer-like diapers, before it eventually turns into teaching kids to wipe their l...


Today Is National Drink Wine Day

There's nothing like a national holiday to cheer us up. The 4th of July brings BBQ's and parties. Thanksgiving is a chance for us to gather round the table and share a meal with the people we love. Bo...

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