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teen driver

Study Reveals Teens Are Too Scared To Drive


For many teenagers, driving represents the ultimate goal - freedom. Getting behind the wheel is like a rite of passage for blossoming adults, marking the start of something new and exciting. Although ...

How To Deal With Christmas Without A Loved One


Christmas is a time for gathering together as a family and spending some quality time together, but it can often be bittersweet. If it's the first holiday season since a loved one has passed, the it c...

Brain Science Can Help Kids Be More Grateful


Who hasn't looked to the skies at least once and uttered, "You are so ungrateful"? As parents, raising children can be a minefield. Sometimes, they forget that everything we do for them isn't always a...

Survive Single Parenthood With These Hacks


Parenthood is tough, but single parenthood can often present a whole new set of challenges. Whether you're going it alone from birth or coping with the breakdown of a relationship, there are no hard a...

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