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Girl Scout 'Rebrands' Her Samoas As 'Momoas'


Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade, then you'll know that Jason Mamoa is a pretty big deal. Ever since he came to prominence in Game of Thrones, Mamoa has been the apple of man...

Why Are 'Poop-Themed' Toys Are So Popular?


Poop. As parents, we just can't escape it. For the first couple of years, we're tasked with changing some horrendously sewer-like diapers, before it eventually turns into teaching kids to wipe their l...

Today Is National Drink Wine Day


There's nothing like a national holiday to cheer us up. The 4th of July brings BBQ's and parties. Thanksgiving is a chance for us to gather round the table and share a meal with the people we love. Bo...

mom talking to teen

How To Politely Decline A Playdate


Playdates can be incredible ways to bond with other parents while kids also make precious new friendships. Without those precious moments where the kids run riot and we can exchange parenthood stories...

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How Much Allowance Should Children Get?


Kids might think that we have access to an unending source of money, especially if they're little. For the first couple of years we shell out for everything that they need, but when it becomes a case ...

child makeup

When Should Kids Be Allowed To Wear Make Up?


Raising kids in 2019 can be a pretty daunting prospect. This is the social media age, full of flawless selfies and Kardashians. When it comes to teenagers, the water is a little different to how it wa...

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