Articles by Jessica Sayers

10 Wake Up Hacks Mothers Need

All About Moms

Not everyone is a morning person. When you add up working and taking care of your kids and house, you might never want to get out of bed some days. Even though your sheets are comfy and you are wrappe...

10 Girl Names That Will Vanish By 2020


Names are everything to a person. It’s how we identify each other and our names are a part of how we are. When you're looking for the best name for your little one, you're going to feel a lot of press...

10 Educational Video Games Kids Will Love


Since Pong was created, kids have loved video games. And today’s video games are not like those from the past. Video games now have an amazing storyline, beautiful graphics, and quality sound effects ...

10 Things To Know About Co-Sleeping


When you have a little one, bedtime can stir up a lot of emotions for both of you. And it can feel at times that keeping your baby in a separate room in the house is too much!

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