Articles by Jayme Kennedy

three kids middle child

The Middle Child Is Officially Going Extinct

The middle child has always gotten a bad rap. They're the problem child, the one starved for attention, the one who bucks authority and beats their own drum. Or, they're the poor, put-upon forgotten c...


So High Heeled Crocs Are Now A Thing

Fashion is a very subjective thing. We all have our tastes and style that we prefer, and to each their own, right? That's the great thing about fashion and trends, even the most out-there ones will ap...

baby with a dog

How To Safely Introduce A Dog To Your Children

When you have a fur baby, bringing home a human baby can be a huge transition. Dogs can get very used to being the only object of your attention, and then this baby comes along, and suddenly the dog i...


Should You Let Your Kids Play Fortnite?

If you've got gaming kids of a certain age, then you're probably familiar with the game Fortnite. It's a video game phenomenon sweeping the industry, and people are obsessed. It's sort of like a cross...

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