Articles by Jayme Kennedy

women putting on makeup

5 Lipstick Shades Every Mom Needs This Summer

Just like your wardrobe, makeup can change based on the season. When it's super hot out, you don't necessarily want a heavy, dark lip shade, you know? Different situations call for different lipsticks...

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Is Almost Here

It's the moooooooost wonderful tiiiiiiiime of the year! That's right, folks: it's almost Amazon Prime Day 2018! Every summer, Amazon blesses us with an amazing day of deals. It's like Christmas in Jul...

theme park

5 Tips For Keeping Kids Safe At Theme Parks

Lots of families head to amusement parks during the summer for a fun adventure! We probably all have memories of riding that big roller coaster or taking a spin the merry-go-round as kids, right? Whil...

separation anxiety

Dealing With Your Kids Separation Anxiety

Most parents have dealt with their kids' separation anxiety at some point or another. It can be very common when a child enters daycare or starts school. It can even happen when you drop your little o...

child running free range parenting

5 Rules Of Free Range Parenting

As parents, one of our goals is to raise responsible, self-sufficient kids. For a lot of parents, that means adopting a free-range style of parenting. Rather than hover over their kids like a helicopt...

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