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girl crying

How To Handle After-School Meltdowns

Oh, boy. Going back to school can be a really difficult transition for so many kids. Gone are the carefree days of summer when bedtimes and wake-up times were flexible, schedules were fluid, and the m...

baby Shark

The 'Baby Shark Challenge' Is Now A Thing, Too

In every generation, there is a kid song ear worm. We bet most of you can still sing the song for Barney or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, right? Some songs just get into your brain and are seared there...

flip flop socks

Flip-Flop Socks Are A Thing That Exists

Every once in a while, we see something that makes us feel incredibly old and completely out of the fashion loop. Maybe it's UGG sandals! Or hideous high-heeled CROCS! It's hard to keep up with what's...

teen trick or treating

When Should Kids Stop Trick-Or-Treating?

Halloween is one of the best parts about fall, hands down. We'd even go so far as to say that Halloween is one of the best parts of the entire year. There is nothing more fun that getting covering you...

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