Articles by Heather Djunga


10 Ways To Get Feedback On Your Parenting

Moms can have a blind spot when it comes to their own parenting. This means that they can miss essential information and cues from others and their child, which might guide them into motherhood bliss ...


10 Songs With Actions Which Kids Love

Children love to sing and move to music. They light up when a familiar song is played and they can get involved through wriggling and moving their bodies to the music, and through known actions. It's ...


10 People Every Mom Should Have In Her Life

Every mom needs certain people in her life, to uplift her, support her and nurture her, enabling her to be a strong competent mom and woman. However, many women neglect certain people when they become...


10 reasons world tournaments uplift your child

The Rugby World Cup has just passed and what an experience it was. While some might believe winning is what it is all about – there is so much more to be gained from the experience of an international sports showdown.


10 Ways To Show Love To A Child In Need

It's not easy for any mom seeing her child in need. Moms who want to reach out to their children might feel unsure as to how. The bottom line is that children going through tough circumstances need al...

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