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10 Tips To Deal With Overemotional Kids

Do you have a child that is overemotional? For instance, they can cry for long periods of time after viewing or hearing something sad. Are their emotional reactions excessive in comparison to the situ...


10 Things Parents Can Do To Help An Autistic Child

Also known as “autism spectrum disorder,” autism is a developmental condition that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. The spectrum consists of three disorders; Autism Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.


10 Tips To Boost Fine Motor Skills In Kids

Kids are tasked with learning a whole lot of important things, fine motor skills being one of them. Children have a remarkable ability to learn, but often, certain skills develop faster than others. M...


10 Drinks to Offer to Kids During Summer

Children look forward to summer for so many reasons. School is out and they have all the playtime their little heart's desire. The front door becomes a revolving door as they run in and out for snacks...


10 TV Shows Moms Can Watch With Teens

Raising teenagers can be complicated. As they get older they want more freedom and hanging out with mom isn’t high on their list of priorities. Pair that with the fact that life puts so many demands o...


10 Topics You Must Discuss With Your Teens

As children get older there are things that parents should begin to discuss with them. By the time they reach their teenage years, it's imperative that certain topics are talked about openly and hones...


10 Tips On How To Teach A Child To Be Humble

Humility is something that is lacking in the world today. So many people have over-inflated egos and are full of undeserved over-confidence. It stands to question whether it’s a result of upbringing o...


10 Strategies That Stop A Child From Lying

Most people will tell a lie at one time or another. Even children will stretch the truth from time to time. Normally, this shouldn’t be seen as a cause for concern. Yet, it can become a persistent, ne...


10 Ways To Get Picky Kids to Try New Food

Sometimes, kids are perfect angels when it comes to eating. They’ll finish meals all on their own and even ask for seconds! However, children are children, and such instances are quite rare. Quite fre...


10 Tips To Reduce Screen Time In The Car

In this technological age, almost everything is served with a side of screen time. While children of all ages can learn plenty from their devices, it can be both physically and mentally draining in ex...

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