Australian Children’s Store Being Sued By Rapper Jay-Z Over Alleged Infringement Of Copyright Material

There are no shortages out there when it comes to merchandise for children. It seems like everything is targeted for children. Parents also love to buy their children things; toys, books and clothes. Parents can go through many wardrobes, as children grow incredibly fast. Clothing retailers love this, and they count on it to stay in business.

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One retailer geared to small children, may be in a bit of trouble, as they are in the middle of a lawsuit, reported by Forbes.com Who is suing them? Well, it is none other than rapper, Jay-Z. The Little Homie is a small Australian retailer that sells products for small children. Their products are inspired by children’s books and has an incredibly unique hip-hop theme line of products.

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Jay-Z is suing the company, due to the use of his lyrics, and the likeness of their products to his products. An example is their best-selling book, AB to Jay-Z; meant to help children learn the alphabet. The case was originally filed by Jay-Z on November 22nd. The claim stated that The Little Homie was infringing on the copyright to the lyrics of his hit song, 99 Problems.

One example of this is found in the book, AB to Jay-Z; where it reads, “If you’re having alphabet problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems, but coloring ain’t one!” This is (to some) a clear copy of the biggest line in Jay-Z’s hit song.

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The Little Homie also has products that are based on some of the biggest names in the industry. They have products that are related to 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G, as well. Jay-Z has hired lawyers and according to his team, he had requested that The Little Homie stop selling products which are featuring him, right away. The company did not comply with this request. The team of lawyers also said that the founder of the company, Jessica Chiha, is deliberately using the rapper’s likeness in a “flagrant, glaring way.”

Jay-Z’s main concern is that the company, using his lyrics, will damage his reputation. He believes that the use of his name and his image, will continue to compromise the goodwill of the rapper.

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